IMG_4668  Dear Charlie,

  I can't believe you are one year
  old today! That's crazy. It seems
  like you were just born yesterday.
  Actually, I don't remember when
  you were born because I wasn't
  born yet but STILL! For your
  present, I was the one who
  convinced my mom to dedicate
  Mommy Shorts entirely to you
  today. I hope you liked it. But
  don't worry, I will still give
  you a gift this weekend at your
  party in the form of a BIG

  One more thing, Charlie. There
  better not be any other girls (like that big bully, Ella) at your party or else we are going to have to TALK. And I don't want it to be all one-sided like last time. I need two-way communication or else this relationship isn't going to work, K?

OK then! Happy Birthday!


ps: This is officially the end of Charlie Takeover Day. Come back tomorrow when the posts will be back to normal and all about ME! (Thank god).