You might be sick of Halloween but I’ve still got pics of Mazzy and Harlow in their costumes to post. This is what’s hard about being a parenting blogger. The internet loves to lead-up to holidays and then once they have happened, the holiday is deemed over. But, if you are actually blogging about your life and your life involves kids, you can’t exactly ditch them to blog in the middle of their big night.

So. Mazzy and Harlow went as Disgust and Joy from Inside Out. Mazzy was absolutely in love with her costume, although she hated the green face paint and made me wipe it off.


Harlow also loved her costume.

IMG_0406 2

Until the second we left the apartment and headed out to Washington Square Park where all the downtown NYC kids gather for the Halloween parade. Harlow’s wig kept falling in her eyes while in the stroller and she just never recovered. Even once we got there.


We got one good pic of them with their friends Gavin and Luke, but for the most part Harlow was pretty miserable.


Adding misery to the event was the fact that I didn’t properly prep them for what to expect. It seems my kids equate Halloween solely with candy and once they found out the parade did not involve candy, they weren’t interested at all.


We ended up walking around a bit and then going home before it started.


On the way home, we bumped into a grown-up Disgust.


“See, Mazzy? Her face is green!”

“That’s a nice green. My face was an ugly green.”

She was right.

Then we stumbled upon a Halloween event at the St. Mark’s Church which opened up their hidden garden to the public for the festivities. There was a cardboard haunted house, a fortune teller and a puppet show.


Mazzy had a great time but Harlow was still in a bad mood. If you follow me on Snapchat, you probably heard Harlow screaming, “I WANT TO GO!!!!” during the puppet show. Happy Halloween to me!

Before we left, Harlow spoke to the fortuneteller. She told Harlow she was surrounded by a lot of love, which is true. Even when she’s difficult, we grit out teeth and love her with all our heart.


The only good part about Harlow hating her wig was I got to pull out my costume fallback— Anna Wintour.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that everyone has been begging me to dress Harlow as Anna for weeks. It’s definitely suits her and I did not want to disappoint. I pulled the entire costume directly from her closet with the exception of the coat.


The costume looked awesome and she loved it, but she had a tough time standing still long enough for me to take a photo.

IMG_0444 2

Especially since I was trying to convince her to hold the magazine, which she said was too heavy— a complaint I have heard about Vogue before.

Finally, I got a good photo of her with it on the ground.


I took a ton more photos of Harlow being Harlow and hilarious, so here they are:

IMG_0057 2




IMG_0069 2


After a late lunch, we headed to the West Village for some trick or treating. Finally, the girls would get their candy.


They close off 11th Street to cars between 5th and 6th avenue, which becomes a favorite spot for kids to go brownstone to brownstone in the city.


Unfortunately, Miss Wintour passed out in the stroller on the way.


I should mention that the night before, Mazzy and I passed a sidewalk shop on St. Marks Street and Mazzy picked out a blue wig and a pair of glasses so I could be Sadness.

Not my finest costume moment but it made the kids laugh.

IMG_0432 2

Mazzy had a blast meeting up with friends and making side candy deals on 11th Street.



After about 45 minutes, Mike and I decided to wake up Harlow because we knew she’d be pissed if she missed the whole thing entirely.

True to her costume, Harlow claimed she was cold and preferred to sit in the stroller with Mazzy’s puffy coat over her legs while we delivered the candy directly to her.

IMG_0405 2

Remember when Anna Wintour made headlines by having her handlers carry her down the stairs at the Met Gala? This felt similar.

When we were about to head home, Harlow finally decided she wanted out of the stroller to hit a few houses on her own. But she wanted to be carried right up to the bowl of candy and then picked up right after she made her selection, so it was hard to get a good photo.





Did you know it is Anna Wintour’s birthday today? I hope Harlow did her justice.

When it got dark out, we headed home where they sorted through their loot, dutifully handing over Gobstoppers and Now & Laters because we told them they would make their teeth fall out.


Once Anna and Disgust were safely in bed, we stole some candy for ourselves.


For Halloween fails, check out yesterday’s Average Halloween Problems. What was your most unexpected Halloween obstacle with kids?