New-method-laundry-detergent1-538x1024Ever wonder why jugs of detergent have huge caps when you're only supposed to fill it up to a barely visible line that is more than halfway down? 

It's because most people ignore the line, either because they don't know it's there or because they think more soap will result in even cleaner clothes, and use up their bottles of detergent in half as many loads as the jug can actually handle.

Simply put: Bigger caps equal more frequent purchases.

(Sneaky bastards!)

Not to mention, overdosing your clothes with detergent makes your washer have to work twice as hard which lessens the life of your machine. And after all that, you're most likely leaving a film of soap on your clothes instead of them emerging entirely clean.

What's my point? (Well, you already know my point because you saw the image of the Method Laundry Detergent pump bottle at the top of my post, but let's pretend, shall we?)

You should "SAY NO TO JUGS" and buy your detergent in a PUMP!


(There. Was that so hard?)

Then you won't have to deal with one of those messy caps ever again, because Method has determined that just 4 PUMPS will effectively clean a medium load of laundry. And if you have a tiny washer/dryer like me, you only have to use 2 PUMPS which means there are potentially 100 loads of laundry in your little bottle.

6a0133f30ae399970b016763aec091970bDid I mention that a bottle of Method Laundry Detergent is less than half the size of a standard jug? They do this by taking out all of the water and concentrating the active ingredients. The end result is that you need way less to get the same amount of laundry clean, AND you get to do something good for the environment.

If you want the full story of the effect of smaller laundry bottles on the environment, I told it here but basically, Method is saving tons of plastic, water and gasoline per year.

But even if the environment is not your main concern, a smaller bottle can also be a lot easier to lug home from the grocery store and takes up a lot less space in your closet. This is particularly interesting to urban dwellers like me, who pick up their cleaning products on foot and negotiate their precious closet space as part of their prenuptial agreements.

Plus, the pump is so easy to use that you can do it one-handed. You know, in case you are one of those people who bores so easily with housework that you need to be playing Angry Birds at the same time. 

If I still haven't got you convinced, know that I have successfully converted my husband (yes, he does his own laundry), who is so averse to change that he still insists on using the same digital alarm clock he was given at thirteen. 

In fact, Method is so sure that giving their product a try will make you a life-long convert, I'll be giving out Method laundry sample kits to the first 15 people to leave a comment below*.

In addition, Method will be launching a "Say No to Jugs" Facebook Photo Contest where one lucky person will win a year's supply of Method detergent and 25 additional people will win sample kits just by submitting a photo depicting what makes doing laundry most annoying (like lugging a jug to the laundromat or trying to prevent your child from climbing into the dryer).

Plus, every Thursday this month on Facebook, Method will be giving out $2 off laundry detergent coupons. Just click the perks tab on their fanpage.

And if that still doesn't convince you to give the pump a shot, a Method employee will track you down, force their way into your laundry room, steal all your Tide and then refuse to leave until you realize the error of your ways.

But they'd really prefer you just downloaded the coupon.

No Method post is complete without a serenade from their spokes-singer Noah. Below Noah will explain the advantages of the pump way better than I just didโ€” and in song, no less.



Free sample kit consists of two 8-load bottles and is limited to those residing in the US and Canada (excluding Quebec) due to pesky international shipping regulations. Canadian residents: to access $2 off Method product coupons, please visit and use the discount code "WASHME".