Witness storytime at the Hampton Library. Was Mazzy helping this random stranger baby with her Jumbo Board Puzzle? Or was she giving her a silent baby message more akin to "Who do you think you're playin' with, Blondie?" You decide in the comment section below. Winner gets the Huggies baby wipes I won in the Huggies Wipes Wednesday competition. I was going to put my prize wipes towards Mazzy's college education but I decided caption contest incentive would have more short-term value. Winner has the added pleasure of picking the wipes up at my apartment. What did I win with you ask? Why the Baby Date video, of course!

Winner will be anounced by end of day tommorrow.

Update: People are getting a little competitive about the caption contests. I got an email from someone who refused to submit a caption this week because he felt he was robbed last week. I had someone else start an email campaign claiming that he/she deserved to win like this was the Oscars and I was the freakin' Academy. In light of these recent events, I called upon a Mommy Shorts fan to be our guest judge. He has a comedy writing background so you can be sure that he is indeed qualified. Plus he has two kids and holds frequent caption contests of his own. I am speaking of none other than Mr. Rob Rooney, @badtaglines himself, writer of the advertising blog Roonapalooza, and the only person I know who can get away with having something called the Rob Rooney Official Fanpage on facebook. Rooney took one look at the answers and declared Brian Silbert the winner. His answer was long but that's what made Rob laugh. Brian wrote:

Ok, here's the game… You have to try to get around me while I chew on this puzzle piece. Then, after you get by, you have to tackle that baby behind me. Once you tackle the baby, you have to drool on… is that a boy or girl? Either way, drool on his/her mommy's foot for 3 seconds. Then, after that, you have to grab 10 red colored books off the shelf and balance them on your head while you crawl back to me. I'll time you… ready GO!

Is it funnier than calling blondie a "hussy", "man-hands", or "Hadassah arms"? Rob Rooney thought so and that's the way guest judging works. You know what? I just decided we are starting a new thing— each caption contest winner gets to judge the following week's caption contest. Hear that, Brian Silbert? You've got a job to do!