Very cute/cool ad that gets ruined as soon as Samsung puts their logo lock-up and product info on the end. For the love of quality advertising, get yourself a proper designer who won't throw your good idea off a cliff! 



Note: Just to be clear, I am not promoting this line of phones. My mom has one and it is the bane of her existence. She says the touchscreen doesn't work when she wears hand cream. This sounds like the complaint of a 90 year old woman who just stopped using her rotary phone so I decided to have a look.  I couldn't even figure out how to send a text message.  And after two hours of losing my mind, I found an entire cache of Mazzy pictures I had sent her that had never been opened.  Then I tried to show them to her and couldn't find them again. The Android is god-awful, in my opinion. Just suck it up, switch carriers and get yourself an iPhone— seriously.