Remember last year when The Land of Nod redecorated Mazzy and Harlow’s room in our apartment?

And then last summer when they redecorated their room in the summer house?


FYI, Mazzy and Harlow now have the best looking bedrooms in both places. Our master bedroom in the city is a room I hate so much that you almost never see it depicted in photos. Our master bedroom at the house uses the leftover nursery furniture from when we redid the girls’ room. We sleep with a queen-sized comforter on a king-sized mattress (making the bed is pretty much impossible) and my nightstand is a tissue box on the floor that I use to rest my phone.


But this post is not about my room, which will probably remain unfinished until the day I die. Or at the very least, until Mazzy and Harlow go away to college and I start sleeping in their room because I MISS THEM SOOOOO MUCH.


Where was I again?

Oh, yes. This year The Land of Nod is redecorating one more room. But it’s not a room for my girls (they have enough!!!)… this room is for one of you!

I’ve partnered with Pop Sugar Moms and Cool Mom Picks to giveaway a $2500 shopping spree to The Land of Nod!

If you win, in addition to the $2500, you can use their free design services. Ask for Kim. She’s awesome! Kim designed both of my girls’ rooms from start to finish.

Kim came up with tons of great space saving solutions for two growing girls that I never would have thought of myself.


And she created an entire gallery wall by picking each piece, incorporating family photos and sketching it all out on paper with measurements so Mike would have something to follow when he hung everything up.


You can even use The Land of Nod to furnish your own room if you feel so inclined. They have a few nightstands that are way nicer than a tissue box.

Just click the the image below to enter!



Congrats to Sara Wildman from La Mesa, CA! Someone will be reaching out to you shortly.