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Adorableness of first kid aside, have I mentioned how scared I am to have a second kid? On a "fear scale" of DEATH to PUBLIC SPEAKING, I think it ranks somewhere around SHARK ATTACK. I mean, just when you realize you'll never have the first one figured out, why oh why did we feel the need to introduce a second?

Last night, Mazzy came down with a bad cold which somehow resulted in the two of us sleeping blanket-less and pillow-less on the nursery floor. Do you know how painful it is for a woman who is 32 weeks pregnant to sleep without a pillow on a hard floor? It might be my own personal hell.

But yet, how on earth does something like this go down when there is another sleeping child in the room?

I have not even begun to process the intricacies of putting two kids to bed at different times in the same room. On an "impossibility scale" of LEARNING JAPANESE to SOLVING THE NATIONAL DEBT, getting a solid night's sleep with two kids in the same room sounds about as possible as RIDING A UNICYCLE ON A TIGHTROPE WHILE JUGGLING UNICORNS.

Aren't both kids just constantly waking eachother up?

This is just one of the things keeping me up at night. That and how the new baby is going to have to live out of a suitcase on a folding luggage rack because there is absolutely no more room in Mazzy's closet to fit her little sister's stuff.

Then, years later, my youngest child can talk about how her parents never made room for herโ€” in therapy.

I know people aren't supposed to talk about such things ("we're so excited!", "we can't wait!") but I'm being super honest and spelling out all my fears on Babble today.

Check out Ten Reasons I Am Scared to Have a Second Child.

Which, just so you know, neglects to mention that my husband is more scared than I amโ€” a simple fact that is NOT HELPING ANYTHING.

To counter-balance my crippling fear post, I've also got a totally sappy post on Babble called Ten Lessons I Hope My New Baby Learns from Her Big Sister.

Noticeably missing from the list are "how to have an ice cream related tantrum", "why all the paper needs to be peeled off crayons before use" and "Mazzy's Guide to Great Music".

FYI: "It's a Great Day" by the Fresh Beat Band will be playing in my personal hell where I am lying pregnant and pillowless on a nursery floor.


If you are not a fan of Mommy Shorts on facebook, you might have missed Angela's stellar "Baby Shaming" submission. I know not everyone was a fan of my baby shaming post but I hope we can all agree to agree that this is HILARIOUS. 


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I hope you all have a sleep-filled, glitter-free weekend, and I'll see you back here next week!

โ€” Mommy Shorts