Last week, Harlow came home from school really fired up about Earth Day. She decided to create a poster telling people to do the three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle). Then she wanted to make copies and hand them out. I suggested that using paper to make posters was not the best way to cut down on waste. She said we would only make a few and give them to the right people.

We printed out ten copies and last night, we walked around our block, looking for people who seemed receptive. My rule was only to give them to people with masks on correctly. Harlow’s rule was “no teenage boys.” In her words, “they are not my type.”

Harlow selected well though, because she gave one to a guy who ended up being a teacher, who said he was going to use it as an example for his class. She gave one to a woman who said she was going to show it to her kids. She gave one to a guy who worked at our favorite coffee shop who said he was going to put it next to the register for customers to see. And lastly, she gave one to an older man who was sitting on a stoop in front of a store with a guitar. Turned out it was his shop (he told us he owned it for 47 years) and he said he was going to hang it in the window. Then he serenaded her with a song he made up on the spot about how Harlow was a kid doing good things for the environment, and everyone passing by on the sidewalk turned to listen. It was a magical NYC moment. I wanted to film so badly, but I also didn’t want to ruin it. I’m feeling like that a lot lately.

Anyway, once again, Harlow learned that by sharing her good will for the world, it has a ripple effect. When we got home, she asked to make a video about the environment for me to share on Instagram. So get ready, I’m editing now.

And lastly, when I posted the pic up top on Instagram and someone suggested I put Harlow’s Earth Day poster on the blog so that others could print it out as a coloring sheet.

Here you go!

If your kid colors it in, please DM me a pic on @mommyshorts Instagram.