This was my view when I woke up on Monday morning. It had started snowing the previous night and kept falling for the next 24 hours, blanketing the city in snow. There is nothing I love more than NYC covered in white.

The kids both had a Snow Day from school on Monday, neither in-person or virtual learning. That meant we all put on our snow pants and went to play outside.

We got the sleds out too. It’s the first time there’s been enough snow to take those out since Mike bought them during the winter storm in 2016, when I got stuck with the kids across town and he had to come rescue us.

One of the best things about snow storms in NYC is dragging your kid on a sled through carless streets.

Now that the kids are a bit older, Mazzy even took over and pulled Harlow which gave me a break.

We headed over to Tompkins Square Park, where there were tons of people playing in the snow.

There aren’t any hills to sled down in the park, but Mike did his best to make sure Harlow wiped out anyway. Yes, there is video.


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Then Mazzy and I built a snowman…

While Mike and Harlow dug a snow tunnel…

I found out later that just a few blocks in the opposite direction, there was a massive snowball fight in Washington Square Park. I guess I know where we are headed when the next NYC snow storm hits!

But later that day, I had my own special winter storm moment right in our neighborhood. I was walking Frankie and discovered a huge snow bear outside a new neighborhood toy shop.

Since my kids weren’t there to pose with the bear, I used a stand in.

The next day, both kids had virtual school, but Harlow wanted to go outside again after school was over. Instead of trekking to the park, this time, we made use of an untouched expanse available only to us— our roof!

The snow was so high that Harlow could see over the side for the first time.

We might not have a yard, but we still have a great space for a snowball fight.

When we were done playing, I told her I had something special to show her. Then we walked over to The March Hare so I could show her the Snow Bear.

I’m not sure how many inches of snow we got in total, but whatever it was, a whole heap of magic was dumped on NYC. I made a video of that magic on TikTok. I tried to embed it in this post, but it didn’t work so you can go watch it here

Also worth noting is that when we walked back from playing in the park, Mazzy said, “It feels like there is no Corona.” It most certainly did. We so needed that moment of fun and freedom.