Whenever Mazzy doesn’t want to take pictures, I have a little trick. No, I don’t say “cheese”. That stopped working years ago.

I ask her to do a “superhero pose”.

Like magic, Mazzy drops the whole “Noooo pictures, Moooooooommmm…” and starts mugging for the camera while flailing her arms and bending her knees and doing all sorts of weird gestures that I’m sure no superhero ever made in the history of superheroes.

In fact, I think Mazzy’s main frame of reference for “superhero poses” is her friend Charlie who seems to be permanently impersonating Spiderman or Buzz Lightyear or whoever is the superhero du jour.


The other day Charlie said to me, “I’m not wearing my Batman socks.” I said, “Okay…” And then he said, “Just joking! I AM WEARING MY BATMAN SOCKS!!!” Then he pulled up his pants to reveal the Batman insignias on each ankle, like he was Bruce Wayne revealing his alter ego to his girlfriend. Or his girlfriend’s mother, as the case may be…

Since Mazzy has never seen anything but pictures of Superman or Spiderman or Batman, she doesn’t know what exactly makes them super besides a costume and a cool name.

Over the summer, when Charlie was running around pretending to be Superman, I asked Mazzy, “What superhero are you?”

She screamed, “I’M FLOWER GIRL!!!!” Then she balled up her fist and stuck it high in the air like it was her mission to save every last carnation or petunia in trouble.

“FLOWERRRRR POWERRRRRRR!!!!!!” she shouted, whenever Charlie shot her with his make-believe space gun, holding her palm out in front of her as if bullets could be fended off with a bouquet.


I had told Mazzy earlier that week she was going to be a flower girl in her cousin’s upcoming wedding, so I think that’s where she got the name. I hope she’s not severely disappointed on the big day, when I hand her a basket instead of a cape.

From what I’ve witnessed, it seems like most kids have go-to superhero poses, favorite superhero costumes and maybe even made-up names for their superhero alter egos.

So, today, I’m launching a big photo contest sponsored by Method.

We’re calling it the “METHOD POWER POSE-OFF” and it’s going to pit your kids’ superpower stances against eachother Justice League Vs. Avengers style.

Winner gets a $250 gift card to and all three varieties (lemon mint, french lavender and pink grapefruit) of Method’s Power Foam Dish Soap.


To enter, submit pictures of your kids in their best superhero poses (costume optional) to the Mommy Shorts facebook page. Then I’ll turn them into proper contenders like these…
















In addition to being the inspiration for this contest, Method Power Foam Dish Soap is the first foaming dish soap in a spray bottle. It’s tough on grease, stuck-on food and makes it super easy (and kinda fun?) to do batches of dishes throughout the day with its powerfully convenient trigger spray.

You know what I’ve found this works best with? Bottles and breast pumps. The things you clean multiple times a day and can’t wait for the dishwasher to fill up. I always either rinse them with water and feel like they are not clean enough or wash them with regular dish soap and feel like it’s totally overkill.

Method Power Foam Dish Soap is so powerful, it got the superhero treatment too…


Contest Rules and Dates

Monday September 16th: Start submitting your photos to the Mommy Shorts facebook page or post them on instagram with the hashtag #MethodPowerPose and @mommyshorts. If you’d like to include your kid’s superhero name and superpower, that’s AWESOME. Just please write it in your caption and not on top of the picture, please!

Friday, September 20th: I’ll post an album of the top contenders on my facebook page asking people to “like” their favorites to help me decide on the top ten. The most “liked” picture on facebook will automatically make it into the finals.

Friday, September 27th: Top ten finalists are announced, put to a vote on Mommy Shorts. All top ten finalists will receive a Method Power Foam Dish Soap Kit.

Monday, September 30th: Winner announced, winner receives a $250 gift card to and all three varieties of Method Power Foam Dish Soap.


One more thing.

To kick off the power of our
new partnership, Method is offering Mommy Shorts fans a special one-time offer of 20% off Method Power Foam Dish Soap on From September 16-27th,
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Now whip out your camera, a cape and get your kids posing.

The survival of this contest depends on it!


This contest is a sponsored collaboration between Mommy Shorts and Method. I love their products and their philosophy and I am very excited to continue my partnership with them!