Instead of going to Day Camp this summer (which are open around here), we decided it was safer to hire a counselor for a few days a week, let a couple kids from families we know have been safely quarantining come over and spend the day outside. So far, the kids LOVE it. They even drew up an entire schedule of theme days just like real camp! I’m excited for Famous Celebrity Day. Not sure who they are expecting to make an appearance. Does Frankie count as a celebrity??

Now that summer is well under way in most of the country, parents are facing a new challenge— making summer fun within the limits of quarantine. Obviously quarantine rules differ depending on your area and your family. I’m probably not alone in being confused by the lack of official rules. I’ve heard some people planning backyard camps like mine, some renting an RV for a road trip, or something as simple as getting a kiddie pool for the yard.

Mike has been slowly rolling out some backyard surprises so the kids don’t get bored at home. First there was a soccer set, then a huge unicorn sprinkler, a mini trampoline (considerably smaller than the one Mazzy and Harlow really wanted) and the latest is a Ninja line. Each item is met with a renewed excitement to play outdoors.

If you are looking to amp up your backyard this summer and have some extra money to spend on a few new toys (thanks to canceled summer camp), I’ve got a great list of ideas for you!

50 Things to Make Your Backyard More Fun This Summer

Take your yard to next level.

A swing set makes all the difference to backyard if you’ve got the space. but you know what will really make your kids eyes light up? A game of inflatable bumper balls. Yes, you go INSIDE.

Cedar Swing Set

Sidewalk Chalk 

Inflatable Hamster Wheel

Saucer Swing

Inflatable Bumper Balls

Bubble Machine

Cedar Sand Box

Giant Beach Ball

Tire Swing

Stomp Rocket


Just add water.

Harlow’s mouth dropped open like a real unicorn had arrived at our house when Mike surprised the girls with that huge sprinkler in the pic above. The girls named him Freddy and Mike officially became a hero. Even if you don’t have a pool, water can still be a huge part of your summer with items below.

Inflatable Pool

Self-Sealing Water Balloons

Super Soakers

Unicorn Sprinkler

Shark Slide

Slip N Slide 3-Track

Classic Sprinkler


Keep your kids moving. 

Some of the best times I have had during quarantine is on family bike rides with the girls. We’ve been able to ride all over our neighborhood keeping a safe distance from other bike riders on the road. Roller skates, scooters and skateboards all help kids feel way less trapped.

Electric Car

MicroKickboard Scooter

Roller Skates

Penny Skateboard

Huffy Cruiser


Beginner BMX bike


Take the kids camping in the backyard!

Some people I know have headed out on official camping trips, but you can also break up the monotony with a camping trip in your own backyard. You can make the whole experience extra fun by maing smores in a portable fire pit and an outdoor movie.

Eno Hammock

Fire Pit

Picnic Blanket

Smores Kit


Picnic Basket Set

Movie Projector

Outdoor Projector Screen


Go a step beyond cartwheels.

It’s been a solid two months since the bar and mat above became a permanent fixture at our house and the girls still use it every single day. If your kids were sad when their gymnastics lessons ended, here are bunch of things that can keep them flipping and jumping right at home.

Personal Trampoline

Balance Beam

Kip Bar

Fold-Up Gymnastics Mat


Inflatable Tumble Track


Make your lawn more competitive.

If a swing set or trampoline is out of your budget, you can always go with some good old fashioned lawn games. Nothing passes quarantine time quicker than throwing bean bags in a hole. Or maybe you can encourage your teens to dress up like Heathers to play some mean-spirited croquet.

Tether Ball

Ladder Toss

Kan Jam

Bocce Ball

Corn Hole

Badminton Set


Jumbo Connect Four

Spike Ball


Learn a new sport.

Since we live in New York City most of the year, Mike hasn’t the opportunity to teach the girls a lot of sports. At least that’s what he tells himself. But after a few weeks stuck at the house, the girls are now golfing, playing soccer in the yard and even tried some wiffle ball. Harlow has quite a swing!

Skip Ball

Mini Golf Set

Ping Pong Set

Tennis Ball Return

Junior Tennis Racket

Whiffle Ball Set

Fiddle Sticks and Cage Set

Soccer Ball

Basketball Hoop

Soccer Nets

Junior Complete Golf Clubs Set


Activate their inner ninja.

If your kids have X-Games or circus dreams, then they might want the opportunity to spend the summer perfecting their heel flip trick or training for American Ninja Warrior. Look at Harlow’s determination in the pic above! I highly recommend getting a slack line for underneath the ninja course.

Ninja Obstacle Course Kit

Skateboard Pyramid Ramp

Backyard Zip Line

Skateboard Single Ramp

Tightrope Kit


Create a new quarantine wardrobe.

Tie Dye is all the rage right now for tweens, teens and yes, even moms. It’s like we all collectively decided that matching tie dye loungewear sets is the definition of Quarantine Chic. But instead of clicking on those ads on Instagram to buy one, why not create your own at home? Tie Dye is the perfect outdoor activity.

Plastic Bin Set

RIT Color Stay

Kids’ White Sock Pack

Kids’ White Tee Pack

Squeeze bottles

Rubber Bands Pack

Retractable Clothes Line and Pins Pack

Powder Dye Set


Occupy your toddler.

The great thing about toddlers is that they can be occupied for hours with some really simple toys like a water table. My kids still use their plastic playhouse. It’s now a drive-up Starbucks.

Mini Bouncy House

Little Tikes Car

Water Play Table

Little Tikes Play House

Little Tikes Basketball Hoop

Splash Pad

Balance Bike


Take your pool to the next level.

There was no greater moment for our kids this summer than when our pool opened. We’ve got tons of fun floats and the kids can swim for hours and keep themselves entertained. They particularly love trying to stand on top of their boogie boards to keep themselves balanced. If you want to turn pool time into some organized activities, here are some options below.

Kids’ Goggle Pack

Giant Unicorn Float

Floating Basketball Hoop

Water Polo Set

Swim-Through Rings

Watermelon Float

Floating Volleyball Net

Diving Toys


Okay, I think that’s everything! I hope you found something your kids will love!

What are your summer plans? Have you added anything new to your yard that has been really fun for your kids? Tell me about them below!