I’m not sure whether I should lead with the kids back-to-school clothes or mine, because I have to tell you— I made perhaps the most important clothing discovery in my 44 year-old life. I am KICKING myself for not discovering this earlier, because it really would have changed everything.

I am a size petite.

I know. People think I am tall if they only know me from pictures online, but they are forgetting that their frame of reference is two other exceptionally small people— aka, Mazzy and Harlow. Yes, of course, I look tall when I stand next to my two tiny children. Would it surprise you to know that along with Harlow, Mazzy is also the shortest kid in her class?

Now I am not THAT short, which is why I have never tried on petite clothing before. I am 5.4″. At Boden, they size their petite clothes for 5.3″ and under. Also, I never went the petite route because I associated petite with being small in general (likes Sizes 0-4), and not just short. I’m usually a Size 8. A couple of years ago, a fashion designer friend told me that I have a short shoulder to breast expanse, which is why I am always adjusting my bra straps to the shortest length possible and also explains why neck and waist lines are often too low for me, creating a very dumpy effect, particularly in dresses. My friend told me that I should be altering all my shoulder seams with a tailor. I nodded and said, “Oh yes, my clothes will look so much better that way!” Then, out of purely sheer laziness, I did absolutely nothing to change them.

When I was faced with today’s collaboration with Boden, in which Boden was kind to include me (the mom) in a back-to-school clothing haul with my kids, I gravitated to the pretty dresses as usual. Then I reminded myself— NO. YOU NEVER LOOK GOOD IN THOSE. Just select something safe.

But what’s the fun in new clothes, if it’s always the same boring colors and silhouettes? I wanted to try some stuff that was fun and feminine! Then I saw the petite option and thought— Hmmmm…I wonder if the petite clothes would look right on me? 

It worked! I cannot even tell you how excited I was putting on the dresses and seeing the waist in the right place. So much more flattering! I also got the petite size in these awesome wide legged pants, which made wide legged pants work for the very first time too.

Look how I don’t even have to hem the pants! Also, I’ve decided this polka dot shirt is the new black. It looks good with everything.

But enough about me, let’s get to the main back-to-school clothing event— MY KIDS.

Mazzy and Harlow have very different styles, but they have both always had a sweet spot for Mini Boden clothes. They have been wearing their clothes since they were little and since the stuff is so durable, most of Mazzy’s stuff makes it to Harlow’s hand-me-downs. And to just take it one step further, most of Harlow’s stuff gets handed down to Neve or Arami. So, when we get a new shipment of Mini Boden clothes, everyone in our family is excited.

I let Mazzy and Harlow choose their own clothes, and as expected, Harlow gravitated more towards the pretty tutus and playful dresses, while Mazzy selected fun t-shirts and funky leggings.

BUT. There were also a whole bunch of surprises. Like the fact that Mazzy selected a yellow bohemian dress with no prompting whatsoever.

She completed the look with a pair of navy boots and the whole outfit looked ADORABLE on her.

She also was excited about a sequin hedgehog tee (Mazzy is all about obscure animals) and a top with a peekaboo tent filled with hidden forest creatures.

Harlow flipped for the floral skirts and butterfly dresses. But her favorite stand alone item was definitely the pettable panda shirt. She LOVES pandas and wore that top for the rest of the weekend. Did you know it goes with leggings, jeans and pink tiered tutus?

It also goes great with navy polka dot kicks.

Because we took these photos on a pretty hot day, some of my favorite selections didn’t make the shoot (like Harlow’s gorgeous cardigan with bird appliques on the shoulders, Mazzy’s new unicorn fall jacket and my black button down denim dress), but you should definitely look forward to seeing those in the fall. And probably for the next few years too, because Mini Boden clothes last and always get handed down.

Meanwhile, as long as I don’t grow, I’ll be wearing my new petite-sized clothes forever.


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All photos by Alexis Rae Photography.