Some kids learn math or law or engineering from their parents. My kids learn meme creation. Case in point… Have you guys seen all the ads that Mike Bloomberg has been rolling out with different meme accounts? Here are a couple examples if you haven’t seen them:

From @KaleSalad:

From @FuckJerry:

He also had sponsored ads on @tanksinatra, @grapejuiceboys and @drgrayfang.

Anyway, I was showing them to to Mike because I thought it was a smart strategy, although a little light on the women run meme accounts. Why wasn’t Bloomberg offering @betches, @girlwithnojob or @beigecardigan a billion dollars??? Mazzy overheard us and asked to see what we were talking about. I showed her the two posted here and then she ran off to find a pen and paper.

Literally two minutes later, she comes back with the @averageparentproblems version of a Mike Bloomberg meme:

FYI, this is an not an endorsement or in any way sponsored, but I wanted to share because I thought Mazzy’s meme was pretty spot on.

I think Bloomberg owes her a billion bucks!