I’ve posted about how Harlow wakes me up at the crack of dawn every weekend morning so that I can get her ingredients together so she can start flipping her perfect pancakes. I’ve also talked about Harlow’s love of snack plates, and how every time a guest comes to visit, she organizes a plate of carefully curated selection of cashews, pretzels and mini carrots. So, of course, when the latest food craze started making the rounds, people were blowing up my DMs to suggest that Harlow hop on board and get to work.

The latest food craze is PANCAKE BOARDS. And nope, I am not making this up:

It all starts with the most important ingredient— pancakes. You probably want to follow Harlow’s recipe for perfectly fluffy pancakes. Then you can add whatever accoutrements you think pair with pancakes best. Syrup, obviously. But also, strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, blueberries, butter, bacon and Nutella. The possibilities are simple and endless.

I don’t know about you, but anything that puts Nutella and bacon on the same plate is winner to me.


Isn’t that better than a charcuterie plate? Harlow was so proud of herself.

For those of you who are wondering if the pancakes were cold, you sound just like Mike! They were perfectly lukewarm and that is entirely okay with me. Look at my perfectly accessorized pancake thanks to Harlow’s Pancake Board!

If you are really worried about the cold factor, you can prepare your board before you make your pancakes. See? EASY. Although, I suggest you take your pictures fast, because this was Harlow’s pancake board, literally two seconds later.

What’s next? Waffle boards? French toast boards? Pretty soon, Harlow’s just going to call it a HOTEL BREAKFAST BUFFET and start charging.