I have never been a Valentine’s Day person. I think this came from years of being single and thinking Valentine’s Day was just a way for Hallmark to rub my boyfriend-less status in my face. But, I think as we have gotten older, and the world has gotten more progressive, Valentine’s Day has become more about acknowledging the people you love, as opposed to a holiday just about romance. Plus, since Mike and I are exhausted, overworked parents, a little required romance is never a bad thing.

Do you need to get your children gifts for Valentine’s Day? No. No, you do not. But, I find that the promise of a gift in the near future is a very useful parenting tool. As in, when Mazzy and Harlow ask me to buy them something reasonably priced but unnecessary, I can say, “Not now. But if you would like, I can buy it for you for Valentine’s Day.”

This means that for Valentine’s Day this year, Mazzy is getting a huge blanket hoodie sweatshirt called The Comfy. Apparently, her friends have a plan to all wear it to school on the same day. Harlow is getting a Rubik’s Cube. For no other reason except that while Mazzy and I were negotiating the Valentine’s Day purchase of The Comfy, Harlow was in the process of discovering, enjoying and then breaking a cheap miniature Rubik’s Cube that she found in a goodie bag.

“Well, then can I get a new Rubick’s Cube for Valentine’s Day???” Harlow asked, through frustration and tears. Yes, Harlow, you can.

If you want some ideas for other totally random Valentines’ Day gifts that your kids will actually appreciate, I made a guide. Everything is reasonably priced, because Valentine’s Day is really a holiday that should embody “it’s the thought that counts.” I also included a few gifts that I want, some options for Mike and a few for your single friends. They need love too!

LEGO Brickheadz Valentine’s Bee

Hearts Tumbler Cup

Pillow Pet Love Pup

Heart Squishies

Just Between Us: Mother-Daughter Journal

Puppy Love: True Stories of Doggie Devotion

The Comfy Sherpa Blanket Jacket

Heart Socks

Rubik’s Cube

Sequin Heart Rainbow Purse

Sequin Heart Headband

Magic Sequin Heart Ruffle Sweatshirt

Heart-Shaped Pancake Maker

Heart Imprint Cookie Roller

This is Not a Valentine

Magic Sequin Heart Diary

Valentine Baking Kit

Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool

Kid Made Modern Valentine’s Craft Kit

Cupid Barf

Don’t Laugh Challenge: Valentine’s Day Edition

Jelly Belly Love Gift Box

Pink Stethoscope

Valentine’s Stamp Set

Animal Heart Sock Set

Heart Sunglasses Pack

Heart Eye Emoji Pillow

Sweetheart Soap Set

What I Love About Dad Journal

Canvas Dopp Kit

Scratch-Off Classic Movie Poster

Wood Grain Print Water Bottle

Gentleman Jon Wet Shave Kit

F*ck It, Let’s Do This! 100-Challenge Couple’s Bucketlist Planner

Six Ways to Say I Love You Six-Pack Beer Card

Smiley Heart Boxers

Love Lives Here Jigsaw Puzzle

Heart Bundt Cake Mold

Roller Rabbit Heart Pajama Set

Love Letter Phone Case

Cactus Jewelry Dish

Moon & Star Diamond Stud Earrings (these are pricey but I couldn’t resist!)

Rosé All Day Essential Guide Book

Date Night Idea Jar

Love You Mom Bud Vase Set

Things You Should Already Know About Dating, You F*cking Idiot

Single AF Banner


Boyfriend Pillow

Geometric Terrarium Set

HU Chocolate Hunks

Fresh Out of Fucks Coffee Mug

I Like Dogs and Maybe 3 People Tee

Tell me what you would like for Valentine’s Day in the comments below!