So far, 2020 has been pretty depressing. I find following the election cycle and the impeachment hearings and the uptick in hate crimes and the effects of climate change to be mentally exhausting. And then, just as I am about to give up and stop paying attention in favor of my mental health and sleeping soundly at night, I think— THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT!!!!

Anyway. When I was trying to figure out what to post today to represent these feelings, I came across a pic I took of Mazzy and her friends posing in a street installation outside a restaurant at the beginning of this year. I’m calling it the Angry Tree and I feel like I understand the Angry Tree even more now than when I took this photo.

I invite everyone to tell the Angry Tree what they are currently angry about in the comments below. The Iowa Caucus debacle. Infighting amongst the Democrats. Trump being acquitted. Trump not really being acquitted because it wasn’t a fair trial if witnesses weren’t allowed to be called. Earthquakes in Puerto Rico. Pre-existing conditions. People giving shit to J.Lo….

Take your pick. Let’s vent as a group.