Yesterday, I got back from Mom 2.0 Summit in Austin, where I ate tacos at Torchy’s, stuffed my face with doughnuts at Gordough’s, taught a session on Instagram stories to about 200 people, and was nominated for two Iris Awards— Best Sponsored Content (for the video Harlow and I made for Stainmaster) and Best Livestream (for my Instagram Stories).

I lost both!

While at the conference, I noticed how much @mommyshortssquad came up, which is my new Instagram account, built to highlight other moms in my community (both in real life and online) doing amazing things. And when I say “amazing things,” that could mean cheering on their daughter in the Special Olympics or just getting everyone out the door on time in the morning. The account is a work in progress (I transitioned it from @insta2yearold), so please go follow, become a part of the squad and let me know what you think! If you have a photo or story you think I would like to feature, just direct message me on Instagram or use the hashtag #mommyshortssquad to submit.

Or, if you want to contribute right here on this blog post, tell me the best piece of parenting advice anyone ever gave you in the comments below!

Over the past few weeks, I shared two travel itineraries from our spring break. The first is all about our trip to Lake Tahoe and the second gives all the details on our five days in Yosemite. I highly recommend both! I also started a new series where some of my favorite moms on Instagram give travel recommendations in their own home cities. First up was a family-friendly guide to Nashville!

Last week was Passover and I posted all about how our holiday went down. Spoiler alert: BEST PASSOVER EVER.

Another exciting announcement is that Harlow has a new baking show! Or at least she thinks she has a baking show. In either case, I have never seen anyone so enthusiastic about baking corn muffins in my life.

I’ve also been sharing more stories on the blog from other moms in the Remarkably Average Parents Facebook group, including 16 moms who opened up about their experiences with infertility and this mom who helped her daughter embrace her short stature by accepting her own height first.

For Earth Day, I had a preschool teacher share 16 ways your kids can be more green. He recommends discussing all these ideas with your kids and having them pick out which ones inspire them to take action. And I had my sister (the school psychologist) share all the science behind kiddie songs. It’s pretty fascinating!

Over on Instagram, I took the #Maxx50challenge, which involved going to TJMaxx to buy a Mother’s Day gift for Grandma Toby and seeing what I could get for $50. Turns out a lot!

Speaking of Mother’s Day, I have a few gift suggestions:

1) The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting

2) The Mommy Shorts Tote

3) The Remarkably Average Mug

That’s it. I hope everyone had a good weekend!