If you don’t already know, Harlow is a neat freak. You might think having a super neat kid is a good thing (and probably preferable to kids who regularly create major messes), but believe me— neat freaks come with their own set of issues.

For instance, Harlow hates getting food on her fingers and uses more napkins at a meal than any child I’ve ever seen. She also gets upset about every little spill. Even a drip of errant syrup off the plate can totally derail breakfast. If she overturns a cup of water completely? Forget it. You might as well throw the table out and start breakfast over.

The good thing is— Harlow’s clothes are usually pristine. If I had given birth to Mazzy and Harlow in reverse order, we would have had a lot more clothes that made it to the hand-me-down stage. I think this is partially because she routinely has me wipe down benches and slides before she will use them.

Harlow’s neat freak nature was the inspiration for a video we made for Stainmaster. Originally, I was only going to post it on Instagram, but everyone loved it so much, I decided to post it on my blog too. I know there’s one or two of you who are still Instagram hold-outs.

Hope you like it!

My favorite thing about this video is that after I explained to Harlow what we were shooting, she asked, “So, after the shoot is over, can I keep carrying around the carpet squares in real life?”

Well done, Harlow. Didn’t she do an awesome job?