This post is sponsored by Club Crackers. As always, all opinions are my own.

My kids like pretty much everything better plain. They don’t even like bread on their hamburgers and hotdogs. Mazzy likes ketchup but Harlow doesn’t want it anywhere near her plate. Mustard and mayo are hated by both of them equally. Harlow doesn’t like anything on her pasta either. In fact, when we order plain pasta in a restaurant, most places think that means butter or oil, but NO. Harlow wants it boiled in water and poured on a plate. That’s it. We have to explain to servers that when we say plain, we really mean PLAIN. Anything less will be sent back for being “too slimy.”

My kids also like their crackers plain. They eat Club Crackers all the time, but it has never occurred to them to top their crackers with cheese or peanut butter like normal people because they say they’re buttery, flakey and already perfect plain. “Why would you ruin a perfectly good cracker?” That is a quote directly from Mazzy in the video below. I challenged Mazzy and Harlow to the Club Cracker Topping Challenge, where we put untopped Club Crackers up against crackers with toppings, and what do you think happened? Watch the video below.

Do your kids like Club Crackers better plain or topped?