Just like the rest of the kids in New York (and much of the east coast, I think), Harlow and Mazzy had their first day of school yesterday! Above is the obligatory first day of school pic— taken the day before school started because I don’t need that kind of stress in my life.

If you don’t do this already, I highly recommend you do it next year. It’s also a great way to get them to pick out their first day of school outfits ahead of time.

Of course, Mazzy got strawberry smudged on her white t-shirt and almost had a breakdown because THIS WAS HER FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL SHIRT AND THERE WAS NO OTHER CHOICE, but we managed to get it out with some stain remover and water and all was okay.

Mazzy has been very apprehensive about starting fourth grade this year (“there’s gonna be so much homework, Mom!”) and has been saying “I’m not ready to go back to school” all through the second half of the summer. But then, on the eve of the first day back, she suddenly jumped out of bed and yelled, “I’m excited, Mom!!!”

Yes, I remember those mixed feelings well.

The next morning, she woke up bright and early and told me, “I wasn’t ready but now I’m ready,” which I assured her was probably exactly how most of her friends were feeling too.

Harlow told me she was a little scared about school, but was mainly upset about not being able to go back to our apartment, since it is still under renovation. More about that soon. We are staying in my sister’s studio for the month of September which happens to be closer to their school than our apartment so the girls can take their scooters instead of riding the bus.

Although, if the weather continues to be 90 degrees with 100% humidity, I might need to ride the few blocks on the bus. MY HAIR CAN’T TAKE IT.

At drop-off, the first thing Harlow wanted to do when we entered the building was stop by her old classroom to say hello to her kindergarten teacher. It was interesting to see that classroom buzzing with new kids and parents settling in for their first year at the school.

“Harlow!!!!” Her old teacher shouted and welcomed her with a big hug. Then she said, “First grade, big girl. YOU ARE READY.”

Then I walked her to her new classroom, met her teacher, and watched as Harlow ran over to classmates from last year and met new ones too. Drop off was separation anxiety free. Fingers crossed it continues that way.

As for me, I am ready for my first day too.

First day back in the city and first day back in the office. My office is actually where I am sitting right now as I write this. Ahhhhh. Feels so good. This school year, I want to get back to writing again and start blogging a little more consistently.

I missed it over the summer.

How did your first day of school go?