Today, I’m starting a new series! It’s called “Mazzy and Harlow Shop” and it’s exactly what it sounds like— my kids shopping. Usually online. Not like a free pass or anything; just when the time and opportunity is right.

You see, I am terrible at shopping. At some point after I had kids, I lost my ability to put together an outfit. I can’t for the life of me discern what is cute and what is not from a picture on the internet. I can’t do this for myself and I definitely can’t do it for Mazzy and Harlow. Their tastes have so many shifting variables, I can’t keep up and always pick wrong anyway.

So, when Abercrombie Kids reached out to partner on their back-to-school denim, I agreed, navigated to their website and then handed my laptop over to my children. “Here,” I said. “Pick one pair of jeans, two shirts and one extra item each.” Then instead of being like, “Nah, how about this one?” Or narrowing down to a more limited pre-approved selection, I just went with their choices.

Now, I don’t know if I could do this on any site, but all Abercrombie Kids clothes are appropriate, not too flashy and around the same price point. So, I felt comfortable giving Mazzy and Harlow free reign. Also, I should point out that before Abercrombie Kids contacted me, they were not on my radar as an option. We’re still shopping at a lot of the same places that I used to buy their baby clothes. Abercrombie Kids run from size 3/4 – size 15/16, so I guess that’s one more benefit of having kids in #thebigkidyears— new clothing brand options to choose from!

You know what I found out?

Fashion is way more fun when your kids pick the outfits. You’ll find out things you never knew about your kids and they’ll surprise you too.

Like, OF COURSE, Mazzy picked the “BRB, Unicorn Stuff to Do” t-shirt (even though I had to explain to her what BRB meant) and the jeans with “kind vibes only” embroidered on the leg.

But I was definitely surprised when she picked a pretty off the shoulder yellow floral shirt.

I also want to point out that Mazzy is at a tough age for denim. Most of the places we usually shop for her jeans have a Size 8 (which is too small) and a Size 10 (which is too big) and nothing in between. Abercrombie Kids jeans come in four different styles for girls— skinny, super skinny, jean leggings and girlfriend (which are a relaxed fit.) The Kind Vibes jean leggings have an elastic waist, stretch in the legs and the 9/10 fit her perfectly. Once they are on, they look exactly like regular blue jeans.

FYI, right now through 9/11, Abercrombie Kids jeans are all BOGO 50% off! See all sales here.

As for Harlow, I was surprised that she opted for the ripped jeans instead of getting the embroidered jeans like Mazzy. Apparently, ripped jeans is something she’s been coveting for quite some time. The ripped jeans she picked also happen to be jean leggings with an elastic waist which is great for Harlow’s tiny body and desire for comfort above all else.

I was excited she picked the adorable yellow floral pleated camisole, which complimented Mazzy’s yellow top perfectly.

And I was surprised that she gravitated toward the chic black polka dot off the shoulder top. Judging by some of Harlow’s other clothing picks this season, it seems like she is heading in a more sophisticated direction with a “mini New Yorker” vibe.

Mazzy continues to play with both sporty and feminine styles and absolutely fell in love with the chambray jumpsuit you’ve been seeing her wear all over Instagram. Her picking that jumper was a real shocker for me! It looks AWESOME on her.

Basically, Mazzy in a jumpsuit is what I wish I looked like in a jumpsuit.

Harlow’s final pick was a navy floral romper that suits her personality perfectly. Probably because it looks like a fancy dress but she can still do cartwheels without it flipping over her head.

Makes sense to me.

All in all, the girls created some killer looks that I wouldn’t have thought to put together myself.

Maybe I’ll have them pick clothes for me the next time I need a new outfit?