Happy 11th Anniversary (two days ago) to my husband Mike and our old third wheel Brian! Brian was Mike’s Best Man at our wedding and for the 11th year in a row, he has been the first person to text us the morning of our anniversary. He did it via a Godfather gif, which was appropriate since Mike insisted that his groomsmen walk down the aisle to The Godfather theme song at our wedding.

Ever the romantic my husband of 11 years!

You want another fun fact?

When Mike moved in with me, he hung an old framed family photo in our hallway. It was a black and white photo with about twenty people in it that I always assumed was his grandparents and extended family back in the 50s or something. It wasn’t until about three years later, when I was redecorating a bit (getting ready for our first baby!) that I gave the photo a closer look and was like, “Wait. Is that Al Pacino sitting in the bottom row???”

It was not the Wiles family photo. It was the Corleone family photo.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Mommy Shorts! Glad I haven’t woken up to a horse’s head in our bed yet!