If it seems like every last person on your Facebook feed went to Disney at some point this summer, you’re not alone. After all, parents want to make their kids’ childhood magical and happy, and Disney is the happiest place on Earth, isn’t it?

Well, sure it is—after the planning, the packing, more planning, paying the ticket prices, getting run over by wild herds of strollers, more planning, and timing all your bathroom breaks so you can wait in line for Space Mountain and still make it to the meet-and-greet with Elsa at the other end of the park, 57 miles away.

Despite not having any kids of his own, comedian John Crist has captured the essence of what it’s like to take your family to Disney in his latest video. After dealing with everything from $45 bedazzled mouse ears to awkward encounters with adults in character costumes, Crist proves what we already knew all along—Disney is a fabulous place, but it’s the parents who bring the magic.

If you want to see my family’s trip to Disney, which actually WAS pretty magical, click here.

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