You have to have a pretty thick skin once you become a parent, and I don’t just mean to protect yourself from the judgment you’re bound to get from those playground sanctimommies. You have to be able to handle the embarrassment—the utter, complete, and total embarrassment that is parenthood.

Sure, kids don’t mean to embarrass us when they innocently announce the secret nickname we have for our MIL…in front of our MIL. Or when they mistake the dressing room at Target for a restroom stall. Or even better, when they politely inform the grocery store cashier that Mommy plays Fruit Ninja while she’s pooping. We just grin and bear it and don’t go to that grocery store again.

It must be interesting when the tables turn and you’re the one embarrassing your teenager.

One hero dad decided to enact sweet, sweet revenge in the video below, which has now been seen over 23 million times. You think I’m embarrassing??? I’ll give you embarrassing!!!! This man thinks to himself before arriving at school to pick his son up in a Speedo.

His good-natured teen told the local news he was only “half embarrassed” and plans to get back at his dad. Although, I think he’ll have a hard time topping this.

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