A few weeks ago, I posted the itinerary for our four day trip to New Orleans and talked about how I was blown away by all the family friendly things to do there! I mean, Mazzy and Harlow would never have guessed that they were walking down the same streets that their mom drunkenly stumbled down during Mardi Gras in college.

Instead, they got to experience a place with great climbing trees, fancy boats, fearless butterflies, rainbow sno-balls and pillow doughnuts. Not to mention a KICKASS hotel room. Thank you, New Orleans & Company!

Reading about our itinerary is one thing, but seeing everything we did on video hopefully gives you an even better sense of all the fun we had in New Orleans. Hope you enjoy!

If you enjoyed my travel vlog and everything else from our New Orleans trip, leave a comment below! Especially if you’re now considering a trip there for your own family.