Raising daughters is a huge responsibility. I want my girls to see a world that is open for the taking, but also for them to understand the obstacles that women and girls often come up against. Not to make them feel like victims before they’ve even started, but so that they are not discouraged when they encounter a setback. I want uphill battles to make my daughters feel more determined, instead of defeated.

Today is International Women’s Day, and as I often do with holidays that involve a hashtag, I’ve been trolling Instagram for my favorite memes to commemorate the day. I was looking for positive sentiments that both inspired me and ones that I would want to share with my daughters. If not today, than maybe one day.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1) The future is not only female, it is fierce.

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2) Don’t marry a doctor or a lawyer. Become the money maker yourself.

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3) Just like saying someone runs or throws “like a girl” has been recently stripped from our vernacular, so should the idea that doing something brave means that person “has balls.” And while we are on the subject, ever wonder why being “a pussy” means you’re acting like a coward?

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4) The person you are with does not determine your worth. Focus on yourself first.


5) There isn’t just room for one woman at the top anymore. Successful women support and work together with other women.

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6) Every woman should be proud to call themselves a feminist. And if you’re not, maybe you don’t understand what being a feminist means.


7) It’s much easier for a man to call a woman “a bitch” or “difficult,” than it is for them to take a look at themselves, examine the issue you are fighting for and enact real change.

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8) Instead of looking towards others to stand up for us, we should all stand up for ourselves. We can make a bigger difference than we think.

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9) If someone knocks you down, get up and try again. Do it with renewed determination and an even larger sense of purpose than before. The biggest changes in our history were made after many failed attempts.

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10) If you feel defeated, try looking at things from a fresh perspective. Superheroes never have it easy. They come to power by overcoming obstacles and adversity.


11) When women of all colors, sizes, ethnicities, religions and cultures stand together, we all rise together too.


Happy International Women’s Day to all the women (in the past, present and future!) who inspire our daughters to grow up believing in themselves and fighting for their dreams.

To all the mothers currently holding the baton—- WE GOT THIS.


Did you see any other quotes or memes that inspired you today? What words of encouragement do you tell your daughters? Leave them in the comments below!