Recently, I decided that family TV viewing is preferable to solo iPad time. This started when Mazzy and Harlow became obsessed with Shark Tank while we were vacationing in Park City. Did you know Shark Tank is on 100% of the time in Utah? At least, that’s what it seemed like whenever we turned on the TV.

I can’t sit on a couch and watch cartoons and my eyes want to roll themselves out of my head whenever Mazzy turns on something like Jesse or Liv and Maddy, but reality competitions seems to be a nice middle ground that everyone enjoys equally. In addition to Shark Tank, the cooking competitions seem like a safe, somewhat educational area. We like to watch Top Chef Junior, MasterChef Junior and our new favorite— Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

What Tom Colicchio is to a perfectly cooked steak, Adriano Zumbo is to a three-tiered cotton candy covered cake with a tree growing out of the top and an edible fish tank on the bottom. Set in Australia so everyone has fantastic accents, people on Zumbo’s Just Desserts are competing to make the most fanciful over-the-top sugar-laden desserts imaginable.

Mazzy and Harlow LOVE it.

So, the other night, after they realized I was about to throw out a bag full of three-month-old Halloween candy that was taking up space in our cabinet, Mazzy and Harlow asked me to film them doing a candy cooking competition. (FYI, there is no cooking or baking in a candy cooking competition. Just stacking and mushing.)

Unlike Zumbo’s, it is not the desserts that steal our show. It is the contestants. I’m not sure if she was sneaking candy or just running on pure joy, but Harlow, in particular, was really on her game during the filming of this video. What you are about to see is PEAK HARLOW FORM.

My three favorite moments are when Harlow calls out Mike for claiming to be on a “work call,” when Mike wonders into the kitchen and Harlow calls him “the worst background in my whole entire life” and when Harlow criticizes her own work by saying, “What was I thinking?! COME TO YOUR SENSES!”


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