Has there ever been something your kid said or did when it felt like you were basically looking into a mirror at a mini version of yourself? Maybe it’s a gesture, or a phrase, or a tone, when you suddenly realized, “oh yeah— this kid is definitely mine!” For instance, one day Harlow saw these two fancy women getting a huge ice cream cone, piled high with multi-colored scoops and then taking pictures with a professional camera posing with the cone. Harlow looked at the women with a little side eye, looked back at me, while licking her regular one-scoop cone, and said, “You think they’re actually going to eat that?”

And there it was. My mini me, observing the world the same way I do.

I asked the people in Remarkably Average Parents to tell me their mini-me moment. Here are a few of my favorite responses…

26 Times Parents Realized They were Raising Their Mini Me

1) “We were waiting for the car ahead of us to move after the light turned green and my 8-year-old said, ‘What are you waiting for, a written invitation??’ I knew right then, this was definitely my kid.” – Maggie

2) “I get so annoyed when my kid talks to me and walks around the house while brushing her teeth. I told her so while I was picking up stuff around the house, while brushing my teeth.” – Mireille

3) “My 6-year-old old son asked for tape, paper and scissors. Then he asked if I minded if he labeled his toy bins. Right then, I knew our personalities were a perfect match.” – Molly

4) “When I caught my kid chugging queso. I was so proud.” – Amanda

5) “There was a song on the radio that kept repeating the lyric ‘She don’t like nothing’ and my 3-year-old piped up from the backseat, ‘Mama, she doesn’t like anything.’ I knew I had myself a mini grammar nerd right then and there!”- @3snowflakes

6) “My daughter brings everything to life. At dinner, Mommy Fork (my fork) has to have a conversation with Baby Fork (her fork). Anything there are multiples of (pencils, drill bits, water bottles, etc.) are “families” and have conversations. I was the exact same way as a kid, and this is why I can’t get rid of anything. They are all alive and have feelings!” – Emily

7) “When my oldest was about 5, she came into my bedroom and woke me saying, ‘Mama, I have 163 books in my room. I’ve been awake counting them while you were sleeping.’ I thought, yup, you’re mine, alright.” -Monica

8) “My 5-year-old doesn’t like to eat the corner of the sandwich that he holds on to. That’s something he got from me. We call them ‘bread handles.” – Kate

9) “Everyone comments on how I sing all the time, but I don’t even notice I’m doing it. Then, the other day, my 3-year-old daughter was singing and it was annoying my son, so I asked her to please stop singing. She started crying and said ‘I don’t know how!’ and then continued to sing. Hmmm…. I wonder where she gets it from….” – Kara

10) “Recently our 6-year-old was telling us about putting together a puzzle with a friend. He said he just decided to put it away because he didn’t want his friend to do it wrong. My husband looked at me and started laughing. That’s totally me.” – @stuckeyjr

11) “Last night I asked my 3-year-old something and she said in a very exasperated voice, ‘Mom! I can’t right now. I’m busy. My arms are full. I’ve got BABIES here. I’m rocking them.’ And sure enough she had two dolls that she was rocking in her little chair. And the way she said it was JUST. LIKE. ME.” – Lindsay

12) “Since my son could talk, he would chat with pretty much anyone. He remembers names of people really well, and will exchange pleasantries like a champ. He thanks the crossing guard and high fives the school custodian. He’s a people person. Everyone always compares him to me in that way and I love it.” – Stephanie

13) “This face. She has my RBF.” – Lucy

14) “We have not raised our boys in any religion, but my in-laws are very Catholic and always pray before meals. I have always tried my best not to smirk, but just sit quietly during the prayer. Well, the last time they visited I happened to look up at my 9-year-old son, just to see him grinning at me across the table. It was like looking in a smart-ass mirror.” – Rachel

15) “At a splash-pad birthday party, my 3-year-old said ‘I’m really just here for the cake.’ Me too, kid.” – Katie Elizabeth

16) “A few months ago I tried (again) to get my 7-year-old son to sign up for an organized sport. ‘How about basketball? Soccer? Maybe hockey?’ He looked me straight in the face and deadpans, ‘How about WALKING.’ It’s hard to argue when you’re looking at a mirror image of your personality/athleticism/sense of humor.” – @alilepa

17) “My 7-year-old daughter was complaining about a scratch she had and my 4-year-old son very nonchalantly said, ‘You’ll live.’ He may have heard that a few times before.” – Maya

18) “My 9-year-old said she refused to wear Under Armour because she wasn’t going to wear a free advertisement, and it was literally my exact thoughts from 30 years ago coming straight out of her mouth.” – Amy

19) “The other night my husband told our daughter to just ‘please stop talking.’ She responded, ‘But daddy, I really just don’t know how to be quiet and stop talking.’ I’ve never felt more confident in our kinship than in that moment.” – Molly

20) “At a birthday party, my then 5-year-old said ‘Can we go home? I think I’ve been around enough people today.’ And I agree, sometimes you’re just done with people.” – Krystle

Tell me your mini me moment in the comments!