For all the faults of 2017, one great thing the year did leave us with were some serious #dadgoals. Remember the unflappable calm of BBC Dad, as he attempted to continue a very important Skype interview about some serious political mumbo-jumbo after his hilariously free-wheeling kids busted into his home office? And who could forget that dad who took such an interest in his daughter’s hobbies, he narrated her makeup tutorial…with a constant stream of dad jokes?

Well, don’t tally the “Dad of the Year” votes quite yet, because there’s a late entry who’s a major contender. Just as 2017 came to a close, one dad put his pride aside and agreed to perform “Single Ladies” in the family lip sync battle with his two daughters. And from the sound of it, the audience was not just mom, but more like an entire holiday party. Not only did dad dance his heart out, complete with phantom hair flips and hip thrusts, he did it all while showing off his dad bod in a cute black leotard.

I guess you could say he really went above and Beyoncé for his girls.

(That joke was for you, dads.)

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