If you’ve ever worked from home, you know it can be a challenge. Distractions like unfinished household projects, trashy daytime TV, and unlimited snacks can really conspire against your productivity. If your kids are home, though? Well, that takes a really special kind of focus. Especially if they bust into your live interview with the BBC via webcam while you are offering up your expertise on a situation in South Korea.

This is exactly what happened to Professor Robert Kelly and the entire internet has not stopped laughing since this scene unfolded late last week.

Reportedly thinking their grandparents were on Skype, both kids waltz breezily into the room right in the middle of Dad’s big interview. They’re followed by their much-less-breezy mom (who we all know probably just looked away for three seconds), sliding in and doing her best to remain low-profile in a very high profile situation.

UPDATE: Someone alerted me to the fact that the first kid is carrying a tampon and the mom has her pants halfway down. OH MY GOD IT JUST GETS MORE AND MORE RELATABLE.

There might be some who say she was a bit too rough getting the kids out of the room, but I can’t imagine the amount of panic I’d be feeling if Mazzy and Harlow escaped and burst in on Mike while he was on LIVE TELEVISION. I can only hope he’d employ the same no-look facepalm that Professor Kelly used until I could drag them far enough away to explain that no, the ENTIRE WORLD is on Daddy’s computer, not Grandma.

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