Last Sunday was Father’s Day and we had my sister and her family over our house for the weekend. My father (aka Poppy) suggested we all go to the Strawberry Festival in Mattituck which sounded like a lovely way to spend the day. Mike is a big fan of local farms and the kids love fresh berries (especially ones they pick themselves) so it all sounded right up our alley.

Unfortunately, the Strawberry Festival turned out to be a big traveling amusement park, complete with $30 ride bracelets, hard-to-win carnival games, greasy funnel cakes and rickety roller coasters. The only berries were sold in cartons on the way out. The kids were thrilled (so was I— I love a good carnival) but Mike looked like he wanted to get right back into the car. Especially since the parking lot was a few miles from the festival and everyone was being bused there in school bus shuttles.

Crowds and lines and kids crying because you won’t buy them cotton candy and funnel cake, especially in 90 degree heat, is definitely not my husband’s thing. Mike stuck it out though and we ended up having a really good time— despite a full twenty minutes when he sat under a tent with his head in hands looking like he was going to puke after a ride on a tilt-o-whirl looking thing. I did him a big favor and chose not to take a picture to document that moment. Here’s a few other pics, including one that was pre-nausea episode.

On the way back home, with the kids passed out in the back seat, sticky with funnel cake glaze, we passed our local farm stand. There was a strawberry field and a lone family of four picking strawberries and plopping those berries in a little wicker basket. “See that?” Mike pointed. “THAT’S what I thought we were doing today.”

Ah well. Maybe next year, I’ll learn my lesson.

In honor of Father’s Day last weekend, here’s a multi-pic tribute to my husband, who is the most frequently featured father on @averageparentproblems. He has the best “how the f*ck did I get here?” face of any dad I’ve ever seen.

13 Times Mike was Featured on @AverageParentProblems














Happy Father’s Day to the man who encouraged me to pursue my crazy blogging dream and seven years later, still reads and “likes” every single post. Mike might not always smile in my photos but he is so supportive and clearly, an EXCELLENT sport. He also takes on so many of the household responsibilities that I truly don’t know how we would live without him.

Here’s a pic of him smiling. Well, there’s no teeth but it’s close enough.

Thank you for being an awesome dad and husband, Mr. Mommy Shorts! (Even if you don’t like carnivals.)