Last week, I wrote about the sick day rituals I remember my mom doing for me as a kid— cold compresses, chicken soup, warm baths, slathering Vicks VapoRub on my chest before bed and lots of snuggles to name a few. It made me appreciate Mazzy and Harlow’s sick days more, as something they will one day look back on nostalgically, as times when they got to be comforted and cared for by their mom, all day long.

I know I’m not your mom, but I thought for your next sick day, wouldn’t it be nice to have a care package prepared by me to help nurse that stuffed nose and congested noggin back to good health?

Today, I am giving away…

The Sick Day Swag Bag:

1) Vicks VapoRub

Vicks VapoRub is the sponsor of today’s swag bag and a sick day classic in our home; one that my mom used religiously on me at bedtime when I was young. It’s the #1 pediatrician recommended cough rub, which provides safe cough relief for kids age 2 and up and is clinically proven to reduce coughs. Your child’s cough relief means everyone (including you!) can sleep. 

2) Super Comfy Pajamas

My favorite thing to do when I’m sick? Lay around in my pajamas all day. Now you can too! And these fleece pajamas, with footies and a hood, happen to be some of the comfiest I have ever owned.

3) Cozy Slippers

If you are traipsing back and forth from your bed to the kitchen to put on a cup of tea or reheat some chicken soup, there is nothing that throws off your pat to good health like a cold hard floor. I recommend keeping your feet warm by pairing your pajamas with some fluffy slippers.

4) A Warm Throw Blanket

If you feel well enough to make the big move from your bed to your couch, you need the perfect blanket to cuddle up under as you read a book or start your all day movie marathon. Don’t get settled until you’ve found a tissue box to rest on top.

5) Soothing Tea

My mom used to make me a warm glass of milk with a splash of decaf coffee, but now that I know milk is not the best thing for a scratchy throat, I recommend a soothing warm cup of tea. This swag bag includes a box of green tea with coconut and peppermint.

6) Snuggle Mug

You need something to drink that tea in, right? I recommend this “Snuggle Season” mug. There’s something about the shape that makes me feel like it would sit perfectly in the palm of your hands, warming you from the outside in and inside out.

7) Relaxing Coloring Book & Pencils

When you’re sick of TV and movies and the glare from your phone screen is starting to give you a headache, maybe this “Color Me Calm” adult coloring book would be the perfect way to relax, unwind and take a screen time break.

8) Comforting Soup

If you find yourself with an appetite, my sick day go-to is chicken noodle soup. Is it just folklore passed on by our grandmas that says chicken soup can cure a cold? Nope. It’s proven by science. Studies have shown that chicken soup can help you clear nasal congestion and has a mild anti-inflammatory effect that can help ease cold symptoms.

9) Cool Ice Pack

I remember my mom pressing what she called “cold compresses” on my forehead and the laugh we had when I said, “Mom? Isn’t a cold compress just a wet paper towel?” So instead, here’s a real icepack with some virtual hugs and kisses from yours truly.

10) Shielding Eye Mask

The more you sleep when you are sick, the quicker you will be on the mend. But catching some shut eye can be tough when you’re trying to snooze in the middle of the day. Instead of splurging on blackout shades, this cute cat eye mask can do the trick and help you snooze during daylight hours.

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Good luck and have a great weekend!


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This swag bag is sponsored by Vicks VapoRub, but all other contents of the bag were selected by yours truly.