Last week, I compiled all my favorite holiday photos fails from over the years into one epic post. But I couldn’t stop there because there are new holiday fails every year! Despite all the Christmas cookies and the promise of presents, your kids still refuse to get into the holiday spirit. What is wrong with them?? Is it that strange old guy with the beard? The forced coordination of outfits? The awkward moments with family members they only see once a year?

Whatever it is, it’s clear— 2017 was just as big of a holiday photo failure as all the previous years.

Here are 42 kids who cannot wait for this festive season to be over:

1) The kid who reserves her affection for immediate family only


2) The kid who thinks the sign you are making her hold is “TOO HEAVY”


3) The kid who thinks her newborn baby brother ruined everything


4) The kid who is about to bulldoze into your picture


5) The kid who entered her angsty teenager phase early


6) The kid who doesn’t understand why his sister is smiling



7) The kid who refuses to wear his Christmas jammies


8) The kid who wants to make sure Santa is sanitized before she gets any closer



9) The kids who refuse to sit still


10)  The kids who think something way more interesting is happening off in the distance


11) The kid who won’t take the bribe


12) The kid who isn’t crying but is still making her feelings CRYSTAL CLEAR


13) The kid who is done before the shoot even started


14) The kid who is not feeling your “snowman on the beach” photo concept


15) The kid who just wants to pet the dog


16) The kids who make you feel like you’re talking to yourself when you say, “Sit still and smile!”


17) The kid who knows exactly what to do to ensure your photo is unusable


18) The kid who reminds Santa and Mrs. Claus why they never had any kids


19) The kid who makes Santa really work for the photo


20) The kid who sees an opportunity to escape


21) The kid who would literally rather be doing anything else


22) The kids who absolutely do not want a picture with Grammy and Pop-pop


23) The kid who does not feel the brotherly love


24) The kids who make Santa consider a career change


25) The kid who screams so you loud, even Santa’s laughter can’t mask it


26) The kids who think now is good time to test out their kung fu fighting skills


27) The kid who remembers this creep from last year (and the year before that)


28) The kid who looks like he wants to strange his brother


29) The kid who makes Santa give up


30) The kid who would like to be excluded from this narrative


31) The twins who both hate Santa equally


32) The kid who makes you consider cropping the photo and just pretending you have two kids


33) The kid who will only sit in Santa’s chair if Santa is not in it


34) The kids who are not buying the mall Santa at all


35) The kids who are just too damn cold for this bullshit


36) The kid who would like to be taken directly to therapy


37) The kid who thinks “there can only be ONE”


38) The kid who wants to retreat to his safe place


39) The kid who signs for “help”


40) The kid who’s not mad, she’s just disappointed


41) The kid who would rather be celebrating Halloween


42) The kids that make you say, “Oh well. I guess we’ll try again next year.”


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