It’s that time of the year again! No, not the fun part when you get to watch your kids open gifts while sipping hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music. It’s holiday photo shoot time! The time when we hire a professional photographer and pray for dear life that everyone can get it together long enough to smile for the camera at the same damn time.

37 problems only parents trying to take the perfect family photo for their holiday card will understand:


1) When your kid is absolutely terrified:



2) When your kids don’t want to wear matching sweaters:


3) When your toddler won’t stop hogging the camera:


4) When nobody is excited about their new pajamas:


5) When everybody is way too excited about their new pajamas:


6) When you’ve moved on to Christmas but your kid is still solidly stuck in Halloween


7) When your kid is willing to lose a shirt:


8) When your daughter thinks Santa stole her dog:


9) When your baby looks like Ebenezer Scrooge:


10) When your kid won’t stop moving:


11) When your kids look like they are on a very upsetting episode of Maury:


12) When your baby looks like her siblings have a gun pointed in her back:


13) When your baby looks like his milk was spiked with egg nog:


14) When you forget you have an older child:


15) When no one will take their fingers out of their mouths:


16) When your bribes keep failing:


17) When your kid tells her little sister the truth about Santa:


18) When your photographer is only available at nap time:


19) When your baby wants to meet Santa, not be Santa


20) When you have a teenager


21) When you have a cat


22) When your baby suspects his sister wears a toupee


23) When you have to look twice before you find your third kid in the picture


24) When your kid almost cracks his head open


25) When you can’t even fake it


26) When your husband starts questioning all his life choices


27) When your kid hates his present


28) When everybody behaves perfectly and then your husband has to be an idiot


29) When your kid is the one on the bottom, second from the left


30) When everyone is having really mixed emotions


31) When your kids are not happy with their male stripper attire


32) When you’ve only got two arms to coral four kids


33) When your husband farted


34) When their screams can be heard throughout the entire mall


35) When your son’s onesie reads “help” instead of “helper”


36) When you’re holding up the line


37) When everybody just gives up

But seriously— wouldn’t the holidays be more fun if we all just relaxed and used the bad pics?

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