Vlog 12 catches up on a whole bunch of fall stuff; everything from apple picking (in 90 degree weather, mind you) to trick or treating on Halloween. You didn’t think I was going to let Halloween 2017 pass by without immortalizing Mike’s Evil Queen on video, did you?

My favorite part (although definitely not my favorite part in real life) is when Mazzy, Harlow and I get lost in a corn maze. Like, LEGIT LOST. Like, I almost texted Mike to organize a search party lost. The corn maze in the vlog lasts about two-three minutes, but it’s important that you understand that in actuality, it lasted around two hours. So. If you think Harlow’s whining is annoying in the video below, IMAGINE HOW IT FELT IN REAL TIME.

Three lessons learned:
1) Never take two kids into a corn maze by yourself.
2) If the sign says, “This will take over an hour,” believe it.
3) Two hours with a four-year-old lost in a corn maze feels like THIRTY HOURS.

To counteract all the whining, I also included a segment where Harlow flips her own pancakes for the first time. The look of accomplishment on her face is pure joy to behold. There’s always that yin and yang of parenting, you know?

Hope you enjoy!

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