Okay. Let's get real here for a second. How often do you wash your favorite pair of jeans? (I really hope the answer is "almost never" or else I am going to feel way more disgusting than the average person.)

In my normal life (that would be pre-baby-bump), I have about fifteen pairs of jeans but only two in regular rotation. In my pregnant life, I have three pairs of maternity jeans but one is a pair of cut-offs that will be shelved in a week (if the close-toed shoes I wore yesterday are any indication).

I wear jeans almost every day. 

So let's do the math here. I have two pairs of jeans that I wear at least 6 days a week. That would mean, I should be washing them every other day, right? 

Not by a long shot.  

I do laundry once a week. Does this mean I wash my jeans once a week?

No, no it does not.

But why wouldn't I wash my jeans every week if laundry is being done anyway??

Because I believe that jeans, like cats, have a set amount of lives. Each time they are put through the laundry cycle, that counts as one death.

In my experience, jeans are never the same once they come back from the wash. They shrink if you put them in the dryer (Hello, Muffin Top!), but left out to dry, they turn into crusty hardened facsimilies of their former selves that you must take great pains to wear-in all over again.

So, I put off washing jeans as long as possible.

12oz_FabricSoftener_LavenderWell, this week Method launched something really exciting to put me out of my jeans washing misery. They came out with a dryer-activated fabric softening spray that leaves your clothes wrinkle-free and smelling like one of two lovely scents— fresh air or lavender.

In addition to using the spray to soften up a regular load of laundry, Method advocates tossing your *ahem* DIRTY ASS JEANS THAT YOU'RE AFRAID TO WASH in the dryer, spraying a squirt or two, leaving them in for ten minutes and then fooling everyone into thinking you are wearing clean clothes.

I can get on board with that!

Plus, the spray, like all Method's products, is non-toxic and chemical free. It is also hypoallergenic, which means, I've used it five times and haven't been rushed to the hospital with a bad case of hives.

FUN FACT: My mother never bought dryer sheets while I was growing up and by the time I found out about their existence in college, my skin decided it was too late. I had a massive allergic reaction to my fabric-softened clothing and never used one again.

Turns out, this was a good thing since dryer sheets are not the most environmentally friendly of products. Most are made of polyethylene or polyester which can't be recycled after use. And they use animal fat (EW!) as a softening agent. Method's dryer spray, on the other hand, uses coconut oil and comes in a bottle made from 100% PCR PET plastic that can be easily recycled.

I now have a new jeans routine that allows me to keep them in rotation while still smelling freshly laundered (even when I haven't washed a thing) and I'm doing a little something to help the environment.

Me and my dirty jeans. Together we will save the planet.


Spill it— what is your jeans to washing ratio?

This is a sponsored post by Method, but like all sponsored posts, the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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