It’s time for the Mommy Shorts Halloween Costume Awards! Thank you for all your submissions.ย I do this contest every year and your costumes just get better and better. You know, I actually put together another post with all the over-the-top over-stylized costumes I saw on my favorite Instagram accounts this year, but then I decided to nix it. They’re impressive but they’re all too perfect. I like the real people costumes better.

I went through hundreds of entries that were all awesome, adorable, clever, scary, etc. but in the end, I had to pick my favorites. Or at least, the ones that lended themselves to the best captions. Plus, there can only be so many Poppies!

Without further ado, here are…

The Mommy Shorts Halloween Costume Awards:

Most Rebellious Costume

Most Likely to be Pulled out on Family Game Night

Least Threatening Bank Robbers

Most Likely to Get Stepped On in the Dark

Most Likely to Battle it Out with Mazzy and Harlow

Most Likely to Conquer the Seven Kingdoms

Least Likely to Actually Eat their Candy

Best Use of CGI

The “Sharks Don’t Stand” Award

Most Likely to Break Out into Song and Dance

Most Sophisticated Impersonator

Most Likely to be Stuck in front of the TV

Mostly Likely to Reject Gaston

Least Likely to Hurt Anybody with his Sword

Best Bearded Lady

Most Likely to Ace Their SATs

Cutest Farm Crop

Most in Need of Saurkraut

Most Likely to Annoy the Crap Out of His Teachers

Most Likely to Trick or Treat on the Yellow Brick Road

Cutest Villains

Best Magic Carpet Ride

Most Obscure Homemade Zombie

Fluffiest Unicorns

Most Likely to Scare the Crap out of his Parents

Most Fun Prom Dates

Youngest Poppy

Sleepiest Poppy

Most Likely to Go Home that Night and Play Minecraft

Most Likely to Have a Stack of Quarters in his Pocket

Most Likely to Stage an Adoption

Most Likely to Walk the Plank

Most Abominable

Most Incredible Costume Coordination

Best use of a pacifier

Most Likely to Cause People to Scream and Scatter

Most Likely to Kill via Video Tape

Best Use of a Baby Bottle

Most Likely to Snap in Unison

The “I don’t know what this is but it’s awesome” Award

Least Likely to All Fit in the Mystery Machine

The “New Taylor” Award

Best Use of Balloons

Best Use of a Little Brother (Boy on the left wanted to dress as a garbage man so he made his baby brother be a bag of garbage)

Cutest Grandmas

Most Likely to have the Moves to Thriller Memorized

Best Use of Burlap

Most Likely to Float from House to House

Most Deranged Ballerina

Most Likely to eat all his candy and then ask “did I do that?”

Most Likely to Crush a Soda Can with her Mind

Best Homemade Dinosaur

Least Likely to Lose Each Other While Trick or Treating

Most Likely to Die and Come Back to Life

Most Likely to Be Pissed Off at Betsy Devos for Stealing her Costume

Best Wonderland Representatives

Most Likely to be Chased Down by the Police

Safest Costume Award

Most Likely to Ditch the Broom for a Vacuum

Most Likely to Ask if you Want Fries with That

Best Use of a Museum Exhibit

Most Blatant Motive Award

Best Tribute to Barb

Best Human Impersonation of a Feline

Best Human Impersonation of a Canine

Best Canine Impersonation of a Human

The “Who Wore it Best?” Award

Most Horrific Transformation

The “How Far I’ll go for Candy” Award

Best Spielberg Tribute

Least Ferocious Rajah

Most Devoted to the Remote

Best Use of a Baby

Most Likely to Spell Your Name Wrong

Cutest Low-Tech Robot

Most Convincing Headless Inventor of the Low-Tech Robot

Least Favorite Co-Worker

Most Likely to Sign Up for a Singing Competition

Most Terrifying Mantis

Least Scary Skeletons

The Hound Dog Award

The Best Tribute to the Best Movie Ever Made

Least Likely to Blow a House Down

Most Likely to Fight a Ghost

The Girl Power Award

Most Cinematic Photo

Best Tribute to Bubble Tea

Most Excited for Christmas

Most Likely to Sell his Sister

And, I had to give one last award to my husband Mike. Because this pic needs to be seen my as many people as possible…

Most Evil Queen

Thanks again for sending in your pictures. I hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween!

Tell me which is your favorite costume in the comments below! Costume who gets the most support in the comments below will get a signed copy of my book! So, please pick someone besides Mike.