By a show of hands, how many of you dread packing lunches?

Hahaha, it’s a trick question! Obviously you can’t raise your hand—if it’s morning and you have school-agers, you’re already using one arm to usher your children toward their shoes and the other to dig through the crisper drawer to find the least bruised apple (which they’re just going to bring back home in their lunch box at the end of the day, anyway).

Whether you’re a Pinterest mom when it comes to lunches, or just a mom with Pinterest-level good intentions, Deva of My Life Suckers has totally captured the daily brown bag struggles of parents everywhere in her latest video. Sure, we’d all love to be the mom who packs homemade healthy treats in a “food safe, nontoxic, lead free, PVC free, BPA free, phthalate free polypropylene Bento box,” but let’s face it—mostly we’re the mom who wakes up and says those seven familiar little words…


“Oh crap, it’s time to make lunch.”

And then wonders if a cold hot dog cut up in a baggie is an acceptable form of protein.

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