Halloween is up there as many kids’ favorite holiday. It has the potential to beat out birthdays, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July and for my kids, even Christmas. Well, that might be because my kids are Jewish, but you get my point. Halloween is a big deal to kids!

But for parents? It’s a lot of work.

There’s costumes and candy and trying your hardest to get the perfect photo of your adorable brood all together. I mean, if they don’t stand still for the photo, did the impeccably coordinated homemade Stranger Things costume even happen? Not according to Instagram!

Here are 22 Halloween Problems that Only Parents Will Understand:

1) Pre-Halloween Problems

2) Pumpkin Carving Problems

3) Standing Still Problems

4) Preparation Problems

5) Pumpkin Painting Problems

6) Family Costume Problems

7) Napping Problems

8) Dad Prop Problems

9) Costume Rejection Problems

10) New Parent Problems

11) Global Warming Problems

12) Halloween Decor Problems

13) Parade Problems

14) Getting Into Character Problems

15) Getting Out of Character Problems

16) Scared Shitless Problems

17) Mobility Problems

18) Comfort Problems

19) Getting Into the Spirit Problems

20) Trick or Treating Problems

21) Too Much Sugar Problems

22) Post Halloween Problems

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