After a brief hiatus last week, I’m back with Vlog #11! It covers all of September which means that you get to see Mazzy’s first dat of 3rd grade(!) and Harlow’s first day of kindergarten(!), or at least, as much as the teachers let us see before they kick the parents out. I’m really curious if Harlow carries her purse around all day or if she puts it away once she gets to class.

After school, Harlow does fun activities like hip-hop and subway pole dancing.

Mazzy used her time after school to get her first tattoo. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure it’s only temporary, although it’s been a week and IT’S STILL THERE.

In addition to countless school drop-offs and pick-ups, which happens in quick cuts and hurried sprints out the door (this is real life after all), Mazzy and Harlow engage in an EPIC battle of “Dinner Time Name that Tune.” This was Mazzy’s idea, inspired by a Jimmy Fallon segment she had seen on Taxi TV. Being modern children, the kids had actually never heard of the word “tune” and tried to call it “Name that Song.” I insisted, “No, it’s Name that Tune. Trust me.” After a little back and forth, Mazzy said, “Okay, it’s Name that Tune Song.” Then a few days later, when I saw the same Jimmy Fallon segment on Taxi TV, I realized he also calls it “Name that Song,” probably because “Name that Tune” was a game show from the ’70s and the title is off limits.

MAN do I feel old.

Anyway, “Name that Tune” was epic because I played all songs from popular children’s movies and it’s pretty amazing/frightening how quickly they got all of them. Harlow needed literally ONE BEAT of “I’m Still Standing” before she was able to identify it.

This was also the first vlog that I showed to Mazzy for approval first, since a lot of her friends from school watch our YouTube channel now. Things during “Name that Tune Song” got a little heated (as they do) and Mazzy asked me to edit out one instance of her getting especially mad. I thought that moment was HILARIOUS, but I can see why a 7yo would disagree. I took it out.

So, this is officially a new era of Mommy Shorts blogging and vlogging. The Mazzy Era, if you will.

Also, I finally figured out how to use closed captions on YouTube, so just click the CC on the bottom of the video if you want the subtitles!

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