I don't normally like to review products without a giveaway in it for you guys. But sometimes, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do…

Especially when it involves a RIDICULOUSLY FABULOUS BAG.


Meet my new Tribe Singapore Sling. It's a diaper bag. Yes, that's right— a diaper bag. Perhaps the most gorgeous diaper bag on the planet.

Check it out— like Angelina Jolie, it might be even sexier from the back:


Of course, this is coming from someone who carried a crusty canvas Skip Hop until about two weeks ago (when she wasn't putting leaky sippy cups in ziplocks, crossing her fingers and sticking them in her regular bag).

Old Mister Skip Hop has now been relegated to back of the stroller while my new Singapore Sling makes it's home in my bed.


Or sometimes, I let it act as a throw pillow on my couch.

Photo (30)

Or entertain guests on my coffee table.


With it's water-resistant interior, I could even serve chips and dip in it at parties! It really classes up my apartment, don't you think?

But the exterior is just gravy because it hides the wonderous world of baby-friendly features inside.


The Tribe Singapore Sling features 2 elastic side pockets, two front pockets with an inner cell phone slip and a key ring, two rear zipped pockets perfect for easy access to a wallet or a place to put a change of clothes, 8 interior pockets including two pockets that will hold sippy cups and bottles upright, AND 2 water resistant removable pouches with a changing pad large enough to accomodate a toddler.

Let me tell you— I LOVE LOVE LOVE handing that removable pouch to my husband so he can take Mazzy to the bathroom and cover diaper changing duties.

PLUS, the bag has an adjustable shoulder strap so it can be worn over the shoulder or across the body and comes in so many awesome colors, that you must forgive my New York State of Mind for selecting black.


What's the downside, you ask? Ummmm… well…. the bag does not come cheap.

But Tribe's website is in Singapore dollars so you can just skip looking up the conversion rate and pretend you're paying in Monopoly money, right?

Alright— I'll tell you. It's $500. Which means I'm probably watching the bag more closely in the playground than my daughter.

Can you blame me?


Tribe gave me a free bag in return for this review, but as always, the opinions expressed are strictly my own.