This year, Mazzy is going as Mal again. Don’t worry, it’s way different than last year because she is going as Mal from Descendants 2 instead of Descendants 1. What’s the difference, you ask? I asked the same thing. The answer is: BANGS. Yep, Mal’s hair has evolved. Harlow will be going as Evie (I’m very happy their favorite Descendants characters are different!) and they have requested that I go as Maleficent and Mike go as the Evil Queen, which would be AWESOME. I just need to get Mike on board.

I asked him but I have yet to get a definitive answer. He’s a tough one.

In the meantime, here are 54 examples of group costumes where the whole family had the perfect amount of Halloween spirit:

1) Party Animals

2) The Addams Family

3) The Lego Family

4) The Superhero Lego Family

5) The Nerd Family

6) The Scooby Doo Gang

7) The Queen’s Guard

8) Wizard of Oz

9) Phineas and Ferb

10) The Family Trophy Shelf

11) The Flinstones

12) The Jetsons

13) The Simpsons

14) The Incredibles

15) The Avengers

16) Alice in Wonderland

17) Little Red Riding Hood

18) Goldilocks and the Three Bears

19) Where the Wild Things Are

20) Harry Potter

21) Beauty and the Beast

22) Beetlejuice

23) Finding Nemo

24) Zootopia

25) Mario Brothers

26) All the Things you Want to Avoid in Mario Brothers

27) Condiments

28) The Lorax

29) Willy Wonka

30) Angry Birds

31) Space Cadets

32) Batman

33) Batman Villains

34) A Bunch of Bananas

35) Inside Out

36) Where’s Waldo

37) Napoleon Dynamite

38) Stranger Things

39) Breakfast

40) Frozen (sans Elsa)

41) Star Wars (Original)

42) Despicable Me

43) Smores

44) Ice Ice Baby

45) Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My

46) The Circus

47) Peter Pan and the Lost Boys

48) Ratatouille

49) Popeye

50) Frankenstein and Friends

51) Care Bears

52) Gilligan’s Island

53) Family of Insurance Company Icons

54) Who Might be Second Cousins with this Family of Insurance Icons

Next Halloween round-up is going to be sibling costumes. Please post your photos to the Mommy Shorts Facebook page or hashtag them #mommyshortshalloween on Instagram!