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Olivia has been one of our favorite book series since Mazzy was little. The original book is by far my favorite which establishes Olivia as a very precocious, very stylish, very frustrating little pig. (Sounds like two girls I know well.)

In fact, Mazzy was Olivia for Halloween back in 2012, when I was 9 months pregnant with Harlow. I was quite proud of her costume which I created myself with felt and an old red dress. Unfortunately, that was the year Hurricane Sandy swept through the East Coast and Halloween wasn’t really celebrated for us that year.

This year, we got to make up for it because Olivia created a line of clothes and accessories for Gymboree and Mazzy and Harlow got their pick of her collection.

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To properly model the clothes, I took the girls to the Upper East Side to hang out on the steps of the Met…

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…walk through Central Park…

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…and even visit with the famous pig herself.

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It’s her 15th anniversary, you know.

I have to say, this might be my favorite collection from Gymboree yet.

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The two of them were quite the showstoppers walking around uptown.

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The coordinated looks (everything is black, white and red just like the original book) have matching accessories designed for a range of occasions, from dressy to everyday play.

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In addition to Olivia’s iconic red dress and bold striped leggings, the collection also includes graphic tees, sweater pieces and tutus.

Harlow selected the Peek-A-Boo Olivia Tee and the bright red Olivia Tutu.

1ST OLIVIA- 01109

Mazzy selected the black dress with “diamonds” otherwise known as the Olivia Gem Dress and paired it with the Olivia Glitter Tiara Headband. Obviously.

1ST OLIVIA- 01073

They both fought over who got to wear which sunglasses.

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I feel the need to tell you they both picked out their outfits entirely themselves. And they’ve worn them constantly since our photo shoot.

1ST OLIVIA- 00853

Here are a few more pieces from the adorable Olivia collection, which also includes sparkly red shoes and lace-up black sneakers.

Olivia Collection Gymboree

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed me post about this last week. Gymboree did an Olivia takeover on their Instagram account (@Gymboree) with all the things she saw and did in NYC… and one of them was hang out in Central Park with Mazzy and Harlow!

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How cool is that?

Olivia also met Nigel Barker and Tiffani Amber Theissen, so I was pretty honored she made time for my girls.

When Harlow saw the Olivia pictures (created by Dreamworks), she carried it around all day, staring with disbelief.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.11.51 AM

The next day, she showed it to Grammy, who said, “That’s amazing! You met Olivia?!”

Harlow looked very seriously at Grammy, turning her face to the side slightly, like she was about to reveal a big secret.

“Not really,” Harlow whispered. “It’s just for tend, Grammy.”

“For tend” is how Harlow has always abbreviated “for pretend” and I think it’s so cute, I’ve never corrected her.

In any case, you can’t put anything over on her!


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This post was sponsored by Gymboree, but all thoughts, opinions and pig playmates are my own.

Photos taken by the always amazing David Robbins.