It’s back-to-school time, which means that every scroll through Facebook or Instagram almost guarantees you’ll see photos  of ecstatic moms literally jumping for joy…right next to their backpack-clad children, who are looking decidedly more sulky.

While it’s no secret that many kids aren’t huge fans of heading back to hit the books, one toddler spelled out her feelings about preschool in no uncertain terms. According to her mom (@kcstauffer on Instagram), sassy two-year-old Mila “didn’t love the idea of enrolling in preschool,” but that’s putting it pretty mildly…

Watch Mila spill the true details of her first day—from her shady teacher to her “triggered” classmate Dave who just wants to pee on his friends— to see the full truth of the situation.

Despite Mila’s condemnation of preschool, I think she’s got a very bright future ahead of her— either as an actress or an exasperated, eye-rolling teenager.

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