Every parent hopes that their older kids immediately fall in love when they bring a new baby home. Sadly, sometimes sibs aren’t that receptive right away, despite our efforts to prep them with educational books and gifts that are “from the baby.” There can be jealousy about the sudden diversion of attention or annoyance that that dang new kid cries all the time.

If your kids’ first introduction didn’t quite go as planned, prepare to live vicariously through the parents in the video below. Their adoption plans happened so quickly that their new baby was a total surprise to their two daugthers, whose reactions  are nothing short of a parent’s dream come true.

One sister yells, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” with obvious joy in her voice, while the other sister just breaks down into a big, beautiful, baby-loving sob. And, if we’re being honest, I might be breaking down into a big (probably less beautiful) baby-loving sob of my own right now, too.

The world needs more moments like these.

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