Alexa is a very important person, ummm, er…robot, to have around the house. With a simple voice command, she can give you instant news headlines, update you on the weather, and even control other devices in your home, without the pesky inconvenience of actual human interaction.

I love mine. Despite the fact that it’s not exactly kid-friendly, unless you like hearing your kid scream, “ALEXA! PLAY HOTLINE BLING!” about 847 times an hour.

You can also avoid a lot of labor-intensive typing by asking Alexa questions that you might ordinarily Google, though as this video from Scary Mommy demonstrates, moms employ a lot of wishful thinking when they go to her for answers. Here are a few things I’ve been tempted to ask Alexa…

Alexa, exactly how long does the “poop is funny” phase last?

Alexa, when will fidget spinners stop being a thing?

Alexa, WTF did the kids spill on the couch and how do I get the stain out?

Alexa, how do I keep my children from getting out of bed fifty times a night? Or at least stop them from coming to my room to announce that they are out of bed?

Alexa, once you start to pee a little when you sneeze, are you doomed to a lifetime of sneeze peeing?

Alexa, why did Harlow freak out when Mazzy touched a toy she hasn’t played with in two years?

Alexa, why does Mazzy scream like I’m trying to kill her when I brush her hair?

Alexa, is it true you can sell kids on the black market?

Check out the video below for more Sh*t Moms Say To Alexa, and let me know in the comments — what would you ask?

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