In addition to talking about my raging sinus infection and the ups and downs of my trip to Paris on Facebook Live yesterday (aren’t you sad you missed that??), I announced all the items in this month’s Swag Bag. If you haven’t noticed, instead of just using Facebook Live to announce the Swag Bag each month, I’ve started making it my regular Thursday morning routine. By morning, I mean 11AM. And by 11AM, I mean some time a bit after 11AM because I’m almost always late for one reason or another. I’ll keep trying though.

Anyone who is interested can watch the full video here or if you’re just here for the swag details, you can use the handy cheat below.

As always, to win the swag bag, you must be a Mommy Shorts daily or weekly subscriber. If you are not one already, you can subscribe here. Instructions to enter to win the swag bag will be in this Sunday’s newsletter. It’s a good one!

This Month’s Swag

1) One Micro Kickboard

Mazzy and Harlow are pretty much the unofficial poster children for Micro Kickboard. If you follow me on Snapchat, you’ve seen them ride their scooters to and from every corner of Manhattan. Last month we did a big giveaway with 10 Micro Kickboards to celebrate that they are now sold at Target. But we saved one for this month’s swag bag too!

2) A large bag of CVS Gold Emblem Abound snacks

Although we’ve been sampling a lot of the healthy new CVS Gold Emblem Abound snacks ourselves (I’ve currently got a fistful of Habanero BBQ Almonds in my mouth), I promise we left a lot of good stuff in there for you too! To be honest, today I think I said something like— get these snacks out of my office and into the swag bag before I eat everything in sight! Then I was like— WAIT!!!! Don’t put the Thai Spice Cashews in there!!!

3) “Nevertheless, She Persisted” Shirts from Anne Robin

These awesome shirts, which are hand embroidered with Elizabeth Warren’s famous words by calligrapher Anne Robin, are only on sale now through June 5th and all proceeds go to Planned Parenthood! The swag bag will include one adult size and one child size so you and your daughter can resist and persist together.

4) My Little Pony Rarity Fashion Runway

The Rarity Fashion Runaway toy allows Kevin’s least favorite My Little Pony doll to magically make a quick change into three different outfits. For instance, if Rarity happened to be wearing cut-off shorts with a t-shirt three sizes too small, she could quickly change into something much more suitable for serving customers in a coffee shop. (That’s a private joke for my Snapchat followers. Not following? Find me at ilanawiles.)

5) Olly Smoothie powders

The strawberry probiotic smoothie mix and vanilla protein smoothie powder are both part of Olly’s new smoothie mix line. We’ll include Goodbye Stress gummies for you too.

6) Apple Park Bunny Lunchpack

The fabric of Apple Park lunchpacks are made from 100% recycled water bottles, which means this little bunny saves 9 water bottles from entering a landfill. It’s also the matching lunchpack to Harlow’s chosen bunny backpack, which saves a ground total of 24.

7) Toca Boca T-shirt

If your kids are Toca Boca fanatics like Mazzy and Harlow, they will certainly love seeing their Dad walk around in this Men’s Medium Toca Boca t-shirt. FYI, I think Toca Boca is the best app for kids on a plane because it’s story telling and pretend play with nothing to lose or get upset about. Plus, it’s multi-touch so two kids can play together.

8) Seedling Velvet Paint Kit

Seedling makes craft kit for kids and this velvet painting kit is one of my favorites because kids can do it pretty independently. Harlow has been in and out of my office this week because it’s the Jewish holidays, and each time I bring her in, she’s been picking up her Velvet Painting Kit where she left off, while I get some work done.

9) Mommy Shorts Mug & Book!

As always, this month’s swag bag will include a signed copy of The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting as well as the Remarkably Average Mug which is perfect for a little #babymugging. If you want an additional chance to win a Remarkably Average Mug, comment on my last Facebook Live with an idea for the name of my new Thursday live chats!

10) Random Stuff

In addition to all the swag listed above, I always add a whole bunch of random items that I just happen to have a surplus of in the office. Like Babiators and Extra gum and Curel hand lotion and Revlon make-up and who knows what else. Just be sure— if you win, you’ll get a few surprises along with everything listed above.

Once again, the instructions to enter to win this month’s swag bag will be in my newsletter this Sunday night. If you are not already a subscriber, you can subscribe here.

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Winner update:

Congratulations to Mary Clare Struthers! Please email to claim your prize!