After yesterday’s post about the realities of traveling with kids, my heart was warmed by the outpouring of sympathetic comments from parents who have had similar international experiences. It seems with every croissant eaten and experience of a lifetime, there is also a meltdown to be found.

I also remembered a folder I have been saving on my desktop entitled “Vacation Fails” and thought now would be the perfect time to post them. Is it bad that almost half of the photos are mine? 

27 Vacation Problems Only Parents Understand

1) Packing Problems

2) Airport Problems

3) Passenger Problems

4) Road Trip Problems

5) Bathroom Problems

6) Flying Coach Problems

7) Landing Problems

8) Sightseeing Problems

9) Expectation Problems

10) Beach Resort Problems

11) Nap Time Problems

12) Family Photo Problems

13) NYC Tourist Problems

14) Ski Vacation Problems

15) Landmark Problems

16) Preparation Problems

17) Waking Up at Beaches Problems

18) I’d Rather Be Watching My iPad Problems

19) Stroller Problems

20) Snow White Problems

21) Animal Kingdom Problems

22) Group Photo Problems

23) Bike Tour Problems

24) Time Zone Problems

25) Unwilling Participant Problems

26) Smiling Problems

27) Photobomb Problems

Is it bad that almost half these photos are mine???

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