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Today I’m bringing back one of my all-time favorite series— the Picky Eaters Club! I’ve got Olly Vitamins as the club’s new sponsor and they are awarding the parent of one Picky Eater a $750 Target gift card, so this club is NO JOKE.

But before I begin inducting new members and talking about my recent Olly obsession, I thought it would be nice to revisit our two founding members, none other than MY CHILDREN— Mazzy and Harlow.

What ridiculously frustrating eating habits have they each developed since this time last year? Which mealtime quirks are still alive, well and getting worse?

I’ll let Mazzy and Harlow take the floor so they can speak freely about their issues. As we all know, admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

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And just because this actually happened last night….

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Thankfully, the pizza place was only a block away from home.

Do you have kids who could join Mazzy and Harlow in the Picky Eaters Club?

Of course you do.

Today, I have two opportunities to win big prizes from Olly.

1) If you submit your photos on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Page or on Instagram with the hashtag #pickyeatersclub, tagging/following @mommyshorts and @ollynutrition, you will be entered to win one of six $50 Target gift cards plus a selection of Olly products. Make sure you include your child’s first name and picky eating habit in your caption.

2) To enter to win a $750 Target gift card along with the entire Olly line, just submit your email in the widget at the end of this post.

Yes, you heard that right— $750 to spend at Target, where you will find Olly on the shelves among Target’s Made to Matter products.

Olly is a complete collection of vitamins and supplements with names like Beauty, Energy and Bones, so they don’t require a magnifying glass or a PhD in Chemistry to understand.


Each gummy and softgel are packed with super effective complex nutrients, in an expertly blended dose of exactly what your body needs to thrive. But the best part is that Olly vitamins are colorful and delicious with all-natural fun flavors  that make them seriously a delight to take.


My family has been taking Olly Vitamins for the past month and WE LOVE THEM. I take Beauty, Bones, Immunity and the Women’s Multi and Mike takes Energy, Sleep and the Men’s Multi. The kids take the Kid’s Multi, obviously. Instead of reluctantly choking down some horse pills, chewing our gummies at the end of the day has become something we look forward to like dessert.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 12.53.30 PM

A delicious grapefruit flavored gummy that’s good for my skin, hair and nails??? A berry gummy that’s good for my bones? I will gladly take those every day of the week. After all, the best way to remember to take your vitamins, is to ACTUALLY WANT to take your vitamins.

I’ll be featuring your picky eaters and announcing the six secondary winners in future posts. The grand prize winner will be announced on July 10th. Remember to enter in the widget below!

You can read the full rules here.



This post was sponsored by Olly, but my newfound obsession with their vitamins is totally my own.