This post is in partnership with Campbell’s Well Yes! Soups.

You might have noticed that I did not make any New Year’s Resolutions this year. Back in 2015, my goal was to publish a book. Last year, at the end of September 2016, that goal became a reality. But when the excitement died down at the start of the new year, I wasn’t sure what my next move should be. Kind of like when you plan all year for your wedding and then it happens and you’re like, NOW WHAT??? Just sit on the couch with my husband and watch television?

At the end of this year, I said to Mike, “I’m not sure what my next big goal should be.” I meant it as a bad thing, but he didn’t look at it that way.

“You’ve accomplished so much from when you started your blog. How about sit back and enjoy it?”

Huh? The idea did not compute. “I think I want to write a fiction book!” I told him the following day. He gave a little smile, plopped on the couch with some ice cream and turned on Homeland.

I’m not sure if and when the fiction book will become a reality (maybe 2025?) but in the meantime, Campbell’s Well Yes! Soups challenged me to come up with a few small easily doable goals to help them promote their new soup line. They are calling each of these a Well Yes! Moment and once I thought about what mine should be, I realized I can accomplish at least one of them while sitting on the couch watching television with Mike.

1) Delete photos from my phone on a daily basis

I’m going to admit to something shocking. At this moment, I have 102,933 photos stored on my phone. I mean, it’s not really on my phone. It’s in iCloud and my phone has unlimited iCloud storage, but what I’ve learned is that having so many photos in iCloud (even if you supposedly have unlimited storage) will screw up your phone in numerous ways. For instance, Instagram will freeze and crash repeatedly while it works overtime to access my photo library. Yesterday, I almost threw my phone out a window from eleven stories up.

Taking my photos out of iCloud and finding another storage solution seems very overwhelming. What seems more possible is carving out a little bit of multi-tasking time (like while watching Homeland) to delete photos on a daily basis. Even if I just focus on deleting photos I have taken that day.

Do you know how many photos I take in a day? I take photos of my kids, photos for sponsored posts, photos from @insta2yearold’s perspective and photos for @pinkinnyc. I screenshot other people’s Instagrams for @averageparentproblems. I use snapchat and download each video in case I want to post them to Instagram stories. Then I download the whole story as a video. It’s A LOT.

For instance, I took about 300 pictures of Mazzy and Harlow in a “ball pool” the other day, on the off chance that happened to capture a good shot. There is not one good shot. And not only that, but I realizes that the “ball pool” sign actually looks like “ball poo!”

There is no reason for those photos to take up precious storage space on my phone.

2) Make plans with friends during the day

When you are at work all day and your kids are at school, you can only make so many evening plans in a week before you feel like you are neglecting your kids. Plus, those available evenings have to synch up with your friends. BUT, if you are a stay-at-home mom or have a flexible job like me, plans during the daytime become a lot more doable. Breakfast dates are my favorite because you can do them between drop-off and arriving at work.

For instance, Seri and I used to share an office and see each other daily, but ever since we got our own spaces, we see each other a lot less. At the beginning of this year, we had breakfast to talk about how much we miss each other and committed to a regular Thursday breakfast routine. We both drop our kids off at school, meet by 9am and then get to work by 10am. It’s been awesome to have regular one on one time with one of my closest friends.

Speaking of close friends, the other night, my friend Emily and I were trying to figure out a girl’s night but we couldn’t get our schedules on the same page. We were looking all the way out to MAY before I realized I had a morning meeting near her office the very next day and we could have lunch after. No babysitter necessary! plus, I find it’s almost more meaningful to have a simple lunch together and chat, than a big night out.

3) Organize one corner of the office

I’ve had my new office for about a year. I had big plans to decorate it when we first moved in but then every available space got taken over by boxes and swag. Last week, we were filming a video and wanted to use the corner of the office as a backdrop. To make it look nice, we pulled everything off the shelves and did a little propping with stuff we already had in the office.

Immediately, the office looked 1000X better. Well, that’s if you only look in one very specific direction. My next goal is to organize the other set of shelves. Once that’s accomplished, maybe I’ll work to clear the stacks of boxes on the floor. If that works out, maybe I’ll get crazy and buy a rug. Baby steps!

4) Change my definition of exercise

Truth be told, I haven’t exercised since Harlow was born. This is coming from someone who ran four miles on the tread mill the day that Mazzy was born. No joke. I no longer belong to a gym and I don’t even own a pair of running sneakers. When I think about exercising again, I think about that cardio-obsessed time in my life that in hindsight, doesn’t really seem that healthy. Also, I think burning all those calories just made me more hungry which made me put on weight… so that’s not very motivational. But I do realize that as I get older, exercise becomes more important and maybe I just need to shift my definition of what exercising means. Maybe it’s not intense cardio sessions but more about strength training and the stretching. It makes me feel really old to say that but with age comes wisdom. At the moment, committing to daily or weekly exercise sounds like a false promise, so I’m going to start with something much smaller. I vow to buy a pair of sneakers and a presentable workout outfit, so that if the opportunity or the desire to exercise presents itself, I can’t use lack of appropriate footwear as my excuse.

5) Keep lunch options in the office

I don’t eat lunch. I get so caught up in everything happening at work (I’m very busy!!!!) that I often just power through right until it’s time to go home. WHAT?? It’s 5pm?? How did that happen??? My bad habits have transferred to my entire team and it is not good for our working environment. Together, we have vowed to take a break and go out for lunch together. Maybe even go somewhere that results in a ten minute walk which counts as some of that exercise I was talking about above. And if we don’t have the time to eat out, we have committed to keeping our little kitchen area stocked with easy lunch time options. Like Campbell’s Well Yes! ready-to-serve soup which is made with all ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce.

I mean, look how happy I look eating soup in my office!

No seriously, they have 9 flavors like Italian Vegetable with Farro, Sweet Potato Corn Chowder and Black Bean with Red Quinoa that taste clean and delicious and easy to store (in an organized fashion!) on top of our fridge.

Eating lunch sounds like a goal I can actually accomplish.